SanDiegoRadio Job Board - Continued

By Joe Nelson

Account Executive job listing for station websites

Listing #1 
Local Media San Diego is seeking an Account Executive with extensive account service
experience in automotive advertising.​ The candidate is knowledgeable about the car
business and able to communicate with dealers on their level.​ You should
also have working knowledge and experience on how to help increase sales and
market share for your dealer clients.​ Strong consideration for those with marketing and
advertising experience in other areas outside of automotive will be made. 

Must be able to conceptualize and create f Automotive Advertising Campaigns

Someone with good marketing skills and media savvy capable of providing the right

creative strategy; able to use your understanding of market share and competitive

analysis to determine the strongest marketing and media plans.​ You must be a self-

directed leader. Minimum three years media sales experience with auto dealers/groups.​
To apply, send cover letter and resume to No phone

calls, please.

Listing #2 

Local Media San Diego is looking for on on-air board operator:
The qualified candidates will:
•Operate broadcast console
•Read and follow format log and play the correct spots and station ID’s at the appropriate times
•Operate faders, monitor audio levels, and segue music – ensure the music is tight.
•Board ops will need to show up 30 minutes prior to live broadcast to check in and make sure studio is set up for broadcast
•Communicate effectively with program directors.  Other duties may be assigned 
•May help administer contests, answer listener phone calls, screen listener calls for live shows.
•Board operators may also be responsible for monitoring additional radio stations simultaneously.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to No phone calls, please.


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