Rumors of a Flip

By Joe Nelson

I never just say things for shock value. There is always substantial research done before I post.

   So, I have on numerous occasions in the last week heard rumor of a station flip. Possibly even two. I won't reveal what stations I heard about but just know I am monitoring this very closely and my birdies are talking to me. As we say in the biz... Stay Tuned!



Anonymous said…
o come on don't tease us like that hopefully one of the snake oil channels
Anonymous said…
95.7 is ALWAYS a good bet.
Anonymous said…
95.7's ratings have been in the toilet for, well, a long time. I can't imagine their billing has been good, either. I'd put money on them flipping.
Anonymous said…
It's because they have a lousy directional signal.
Anonymous said…
ENERGY to CBS Sports radio
Anonymous said…
KFMB-AM to CBS Sports Radio?
Anonymous said…
Z90 classic rock.
Anonymous said…
The Lincoln Financial stations now that they are owned by Entercomm?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
yep jack its pretty stale now
Anonymous said…
Energy needs to go more dance to match their name
95.7 should go country as nash fm and give kson competition
Z90 maybe clsssic hio hop just cayse its everywhere
One of the alt rockers to classic alt
Anonymous said…
95.7 sounds like an oldies station but retains the name. There's your winner
Anonymous said…
95.7 has been country no one can go country against kson its been like that for a long time
Anonymous said…
Jack to country?
Anonymous said…
Jack just spent alot of time remarketing their station and adding a new v/o girl. Be surprised if it is jack.
Anonymous said…

It's fun to be on the outside, guessing about a flip.
Here's hoping good people don't lose their jobs in the switch.

KFMB-FM 'Jack' seems stale and perception of low numbers after AM-Drive.
KFMB-AM almost forgotten signal with syndicated after-thoughts. Why not?
KSSX-FM 95.7 seems to be a 'sand box' tower, flavor of the year. Easy guess.

Suits coming and going at KFMB and CBS could suggest a switch - with new people, like a new baseball general manager - looking to put their signature/people on their own baby.

Entercom changes would only make sense around 94.9 based on the splintered audience they are trying to sell.

Why split the niche-country 4.0 share and try to battle KSON - yet again for a possible (at best) 2.0 share of 25-54 -- at best?

CHR format is saturated. That seems like a crap shoot - but also makes those stations on the bottom of that list a target? Energy & KISS?

Oldies/Classic format has limits ... and in San Diego is so tightly programmed (limited play lists) something 'new' could work - but is idealistic for us 'oldsters' and skews to older demos - which we seem to have enough of.

All Sports? There are no sports flagship station contracts available for a couple of years. The new Gulls are not going to anchor a whole station. Why would you split that audience any further and aim for a 1.2 at best?

KOGO is struggling to find their talk-groove ... but recent changes seem to suggest the are sticking with the drive-time news and talk to see how that works. PLUS with the presidential elections just getting hot - that sells and sells on that format really well. Why screw that up now?

91-X and KPRI have their followings (and legacy programming concepts) but can owners really be satisfied with 2.0 12+ for this long ?

So I am guessing one or both of the KFMB stations first.
KISS, 94.9 or 91X because ONE OF THEM has to change and go after SOME sell-able audience.

I know I am not the target demo anymore ... but If I was selfish ... I would program broad-demo Bobby's B-100 internet Radio (I have no relationship or affiliation with Bobby), add quick news and a sports *personality* at the the top and bottom of each hour - have fun in the evenings and on weekends and smile all the way to the bank. :-) Yeah too idealistic ... but it sounds more fun than the repetitive/formula one narrow decade at a time crap we program now.


Anonymous said…
My money's on Jack and KFMB-AM. Jack has spent time and effort to improve their marketing without much in the way of positive results. The person behind the moves is leaving, also. This is all the more reason to think that Jack might be changing.
Anonymous said…
If Jack flips...what happens to DCS snd Johnjay and Rich? Any other takers in the market?
Anonymous said…
So whats up with the Flipping!!!
Anonymous said…
Damn the readers of this blog have no clue about real radio. The two realities that no one who reads this fine blog mentioned is that Max 105.7 is sucking badly in the revenue department, and that FM 94/9 newly-acquired by Entercom is the second of two alternative stations in the market and Entercom will not put up with being second place in a format where both stations get less than 5.0 6-plus.
Joe Nelson said…
Editor's Note: A few comments back was asking when this flip is coming. I never put a date on it. We know how these things work. Not overnight. -Joe

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