Another Familiar Face Returning to TV News

   One of's little birdies has contacted me about the return of a familiar name to TV News.
   Carlos Amezcua is joining the KUSI morning team.
  David Davis will be moving to weekends with Kristen Cusato.

   Die to the fact that I am in a meeting right now, I must use his bio from Wiki. Apologies.

From Wiki:
Carlos Amezcua was the afternoon anchor of Patriot Radio in Los Angeles. Previously, Amezcua was the anchor of KTTV FOX News, from September 2007 and left in December 2013.[1]

Amezcua, formerly a part of KTLA, was the anchor of the KTLA Morning News in the Los Angeles from 1991 to 2007. Prior to this, he was a reporter in San Diego, Denver and Portland, Oregon and a network correspondent for CBS News and also reported for "NBC Nightly News," CNN and HBO’s "America Undercover."

After the passing of KTLA news anchor Hal Fishman, Amezcua was to have taken over as the anchor of the 10 p.m. newscast at KTLA. He did anchor just before and after the death of Fishman.

Amezcua left KTTV in December 2013. KTTV stated he wanted to focus on his own production and technology company.


JJ said…
Glad to see you're covering San Diego TV news too. That was a niche that needed to be filled!
Joe Nelson said…
Thank you... Thank you for this!!
Anonymous said…
I think Carlos comes across very well on TV. We're lucky to have him. I hope he sticks around awhile.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back Carlos.
You still owe me money from 25 years ago. Save me some of that free food from KUSI ya big chump!

Bill Peterson

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