June 2015 SanDiegoRadioSpotlight

By Joe Nelson

   The June 2015 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight features 105.7 MAX FM's Kim Morrison!

Kim, thanks for sitting down with SanDiegoRadio...

What is your current position?
 I am part of the Murphy and Kim Morning Show on 105.7 MAX FM. Jack Murphy and I have been together now since November. 

How are things with you right now?
 Life, work…..it's crazy as usual. My two youngest, 13 and almost 16, keep the house lively and busy. I'm just trying on a daily basis to balance it all. Some days I nail it and some I don't. But my early mornings still allow me to be just as involved with them. Now that summer is here the pressure of school and sports is off. A little breather for everyone! 

San Diego… What is your favorite place to visit?
 I love the beaches of Coronado. It brings back memories of when I was a "zonie" and we'd spend our summers there. We don't get down there often enough. 

Is your job still as exciting like it was day one?
 Yes! It gets better every day. My new partner, Jack Murphy, has really made mornings fun again for me. The four of us, with Frank Anthony and Producer Kayla, make a great team.

Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?
 My new favorite place is a tiny restaurant in Del Mar called The Secret. It's Peruvian food and it is delicious.

What are some facts about you that maybe no one knows, but could be interesting?
 I'm a horrible cook.  I play a little piano. I LOVE my dog. I LOVE MY DOG. I've never watched "Star Wars" or "Casablanca" to my husband's horror.

How vital is the connection between an on-air personality and the listener?
 That's the objective. To connect. The more you live the more stories you have and the more relatable you are. To be able to share your life with them and make that connection is a special bond between you and the listener. Real life is the best way.

What is your favorite movie?
 The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo.

With Social Media being so prevalent, tell me the advantages of using FB, Instagram, Twitter to connect with your listeners.
 It's how everyone communicates. It's how we keep up with each other in our personal lives and now professionally. It gives listeners a chance to glimpse into our lives and share a bit of theirs as well.  It's great talking with them on a daily basis. And social media has made that possible. No busy signal!

How long have you been in radio?
 My very first job in radio was at the KOW in Escondido. It was a country station. I was there for about two years. I quit when they wanted me to do mornings and mid-days for 5 dollars an hour. From there I went to B100 then Star then Q106. In 1998 I took a break that lasted 10-11 quick years. Never thought I'd be doing mornings again. It's really great to be back doing what makes me happy.

Kim, thanks for the time!


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