Question From a Reader

By Joe Nelson
   Occasionally I receive email from readers asking questions about radio. This one has me a bit stumped. The memory is not what it once was. Can anyone come through with an assist?

(You can email me, and I will forward it to him.)

Hi Joe,

My name is Philip (last name omitted for privacy), I live in Dallas Fort Worth and I found your website Sandiegoradio dot org

I'm looking for some information regarding the history of XHRM 92,5 FM San Diego when it was a CHR dance oriented radio known as "92.5 San Diego" and "Hot 92.5" in 1989/1990
I used to live in SanDiego between 1986-1990. I attended University of San Diego and graduated from USD in June 1990. I'd recorded several tapes of dance music/airchecks of  XHRM 92.5 back in 1989/1990 and I've converted them to MP3s and posted these recordings on my SoundCloud channel.
I'm trying to see if you might have any info as far as who was associated with XHRM 92.5 FM San Diego when it was a dance music station between 1989-1990
Thank you in advance!



Unknown said…
Best I can recall - long time local jock Tayri Howard worked at XHRM and Gene Harris was the PD around that time. They would be a good source for info. The station owner for years was a San Diego Urban Hair care product company ... the name of which escapes me. I remember for a few "lean years" for a while it sounded like they only had one working turn table. I bet that crew has some great stories. :-)

Roger O.
Unknown said…
I worked there from approx 1991 to 1993, Louis Kaloyan was the owner before then and during the time I worked there, Ernie Fears was hired from Washington DC to be the GM/VP. There were format changes from Hot 92.5 to Heat 92.5around that time too. They had their studios in Mexico for a time, then moved them to the National City admin offices eventually.
Anonymous said…
I remember it as "92 Star 5"..."soul in stereo" That was 1979-1981

It was VERY urban.
Anonymous said…
It was called The Power Station 92.5FM San Diego.
The very artsy logo was a radio tower antenna with two lightning bolts. on that same year(1989) we promoted the new format at the Gavin convention in S.F. We where invited to Lenny Kravitz suite where his new debut single "Let Love Rule" was playing on screens all over Kravitz suite. Also at our table during the entire convention we had Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons from Kiss, AWESOME! Those were the good old days of local S.D. radio.
We where a bunch of passion driven Mavericks.
I was a very lucky and blessed 25 year old greenhorn radio owner, I miss my dear 92.5 FM radio. I miss real radio.

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