Lee Baby Simms 1944-2015

By Joe Nelson

This information is from Claude Hall, former editor of Vox Jox at Billboard Magazine. SanDiegoRadio.org has chosen to omit rumored cause of death until officially verified, out of respect for his family.

He was a veteran of KRLA, KROQ, and KMET in the 70s. This note is from Claude Hall
Lee Baby Simms
1944 - 2015
One of my best friends died yesterday. He was 72 and recovering from cancer.
Lee started his radio career at WTMA, Charleston, SC, a Top 40 radio station programmed by George Wilson.  They were friends for life, as was program director Woody Roberts (San Antonio and Hartford).
A book titled “Hitbound” about the exploits of Lee Baby Simms and Woody Roberts, is in the final draft by Dr. Robert Weisbuch, former president of Drew University.  Dr. Bob, as he is known by his radio buddies, had visited Lee several times, as well as Woody Roberts.
Like most Top 40 disc jockies, Lee worked at several radio stations.  These included KCBQ in San Diego and stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Unknown said…
So sorry to hear that Lee has gone on to the "big studio" where so many greats are doing their shifts.
Lee Baby was not only a great "jock" he was a good friend. I'll never forget him. Good reporting, Joe! George Manning
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