Letter From the Editor

By Joe Nelson

   This time of year, radio slows to a crawl. Maybe there are a couple stations temporarily flipping to holiday format, perhaps some staff changes. It is nice to take a breather for a few weeks.
   This year I welcome it even more as it has been a true struggle for me, possibly my most challenging yet. I am writing this letter to explain the little extra lull on SDR than normal.
   Without getting into every minute detail, I had major financial issues, some health concerns, some problems with my own family, work has been more difficult than ever before and I must give that one my 100%, of course. First and foremost, my mom fell a couple months ago and broke her hip. That, coupled with her on oxygen 24/7, emphysema, and COPD, it was just too much and she has been placed on hospice. She is relaxing comfortably at home now, happy and contend, but bed-bound. This has been incredibly pressing on me, my own family, my three siblings and of course my dad.

   I write this not as a 'give me sympathy' letter, but just so everyone knows where I am. I will continue to do SDR, I will give it everything I have, as I always have. Your contributions are important to me as well, sending me information, press releases, etc.
   2015 will be huge for SDR as I am currently working with an IT pro and we will be moving it to WordPress. This will allow a multitude of features that Blogger did not support. There will be tabs for different categories, stations, and personalities and much more.
   I wish you all a Merry Christmas, or however it may fit your preference. A Happy New Year as well, next year will be much better!


Anonymous said…
Thanks Joe. Life has its ups and downs, but everything works out eventually. Stay positive!
Unknown said…
Thank you for all you do Joe. I hope things get better for your family.

Good luck with the new website format, I look forward to the new enhancements.

Best wishes to you and everyone for a healthy and happy New Year!

Good for you Joe. Family first.

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