Latest Nielsen Ratings

By Joe Nelson

Below are the latest Nielsen ratings.


Anonymous said…
Still hoping for the radio frequencies to be added some time, a lot of those call letters mean nothing to most of us!.....just sayin'....
Anonymous said…
What happened to KPRI? Thanks.
David in Long Beach said…
I was wondering the same thing about KPRI. It usually hovers around a 2, so no way that it simply lost all of that market share.

Also, look how low the once mighty KOGO has fallen. Hopefully, their new news-centric approach will lift them higher. KPBS' #s prove that the audience craves serious news and talk.
Anonymous: I knew you'd nudge me again. It's all good. Trust me, I want that too. Just hard to find time with having a 'real' job and kids. There are BIG changes already in the works for SDR. That will be included. As far as KPRI, it happens sometimes. I can never get a good reason why. If I ever do, I will publish it, you have my word. -Joe
Anonymous said…
If I'm not mistaken, if a station no longer subscribes to the rating service, they are removed from the data. I don't have any knowledge that this has happened at KPRI, but they are locally owned and operated, and such a decision made by their management would affect only that one station. The other stations in the market seem to be pretty much intact.

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