My Meeting With Andy Strasberg

By Joe Nelson
   While this may not be entirely radio related, it is a part of my life so I think that counts, right?

   I had the opportunity to have coffee with Andy Strasberg and discuss my favorite sport, baseball. But it was so much more than that. This man is one of the most intelligent, kind, and generous men around.
   Andy worked for the San Diego Padres for 22 years in various roles, most notably marketing.
   Growing up a Padres fan, I attended several events around town. It seems each event I told Andy about, he told me that was his idea. I thought that was great! The two events I remember most were being a Jr. Padre, and my mom taking me to The Murph and meeting players like Dravecky and Garvey. My mom enjoyed it too because she really liked Terry Kennedy.
 Dick Williams
 Eric Show
 Steve Garvey
Terry Kennedy
   Another event Andy thought up was incredible, mom and I went downtown and standing at the top of a hi-rise building was Kennedy, on the street, surrounded by hundreds of fans was Kurt Bevacqua with a catcher's mitt and NO facemask. Kennedy was dropping baseballs for Bevacqua to catch. See my media partner Gaslamp Ball HERE for a GIF on this fun afternoon.
   Andy now has written two books, "Baseball Fantography" and "Fantography - San Diego Baseball".
   I do recommend these books, if you are interested, please reach out to Andy on Facebook.
   Andy was also friends with MLB great Roger Maris, and still is very close to the Maris family.
Andy with Roger Maris
   Andy thanks for your time, and thanks especially for those great memories through the years! I am proud I can now call you 'friend'.

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