Letter From The Editor

By Joe Nelson
   You may have noticed that SanDiegoRadio has been very quiet lately, there are two reasons for that. The first is very simple. Radio is in a slow time right now. That makes the second reason a little bit easier for me. Second reason is my mom has been in declining health and on Monday was placed on hospice.
Joe Nelson, Carol Nelson
   It is a very difficult time for me and my family. The last couple weeks have been agonizing and emotional to say the least. With the hospital visits and decisions to be made, plus keeping my kids on an even keel, it's been overwhelming.
   I will still continue to give it all I can, it definitely helps when you send me material, but for now, researching on my own will be too difficult for a bit.
   I will still continue the monthly SanDiegoRadio Spotlight, breaking news will ALWAYS be here, and am really trying to unveil a new feature to SanDiegoRadio very soon.

Thanks to all those who have reached out, you are all close friends to me. It is especially important during times like this.

Thanks, as always, for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio.org



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