KSON To The Rescue

By Joe Nelson

From Chris Turner, KSON:

John & Tammy got a call from a listener Kate who was telling them what a great time they had at the Jason Aldean concert~~and mentioned that they found a man's wedding ring. 

   John and Tammy aired the call and, off air, got some very specific information about the ring.   About 30 minutes later I'm sitting in my office and I get a call from "Pamela" who says a friend heard John and Tammy talking with someone on air about finding a wedding ring and her husband had lost his at the show.  Got her number, Morning show called Kate and Pamela live on the air (well, taped!!) and asked Pamela to describe the ring and the inscription inside. 

   She said it was gold band, square diamond with the inscription "all my love" written inside.  Perfect match!


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