August 2014 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight

By Joe Nelson
The August 2014 edition of the SanDiegoRadio Spotlight features Marsi Latimer!
Marsi, thanks for taking the time for

What is your current position/title?

 Traffic and Weather Anchor/Reporter/Producer for Total Traffic and Weather Networks ( heard on 15 different stations locally)

What are your favorite parts of the job?

  I really enjoy hearing from listeners who tell me I helped them out of a bad traffic situation and they are thankful for all that I do to help detour them on the roads!

Who are your all time favorite musical artists?

  I love most 80s music and had a blast this summer seeing so many of my favorite artists in concerts, including The FIXX, Huey Lewis and the News, Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, and Def Leppard!  Current favorite artist would have to be Katy Perry-- she's a doll!

Tell me about your personal side

  I am a third-generation native San Diegan who has worked in this capacity at ClearChannel since January of 2000.  Prior to that, I was a TV news anchor/reporter/producer in several other markets, after obtaining my BA degree in broadcast journalism from SDSU.  I also worked briefly for AirWatch in the mid- 90s (providing overnight radio newscasts for 760 KFMB ).

What are your favorite restaurants?

  I enjoy dining out quite often and especially love Casa de Pico in Grossmont Center, The Tequila Factory in Old Town, and Old Venice in Point Loma. The list could go on and on... 

What are your movie interests?

  I enjoy comedy and/ or adventure movies -- ones that make me laugh and sit on the edge of my seat! ( No horror though-- I Hate scary movies!).
Some of my all time favorite movies include Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Indiana Jones (complete collection), and Back to the Future (the first one).

Do you have any hobbies?

  Hobbies of mine include volunteering for Empty Cradle organization (in memory of my daughter Alexis Michelle Latimer ) and being a Deacon at my church (Fletcher Hills Presbyterian Church).  I also enjoy working out, playing tennis, swimming, snorkeling, and spending quality time with my family, especially my 8-year-old son Dallas.

What are your favorite parts of the city?

  My favorite parts of San Diego are all the beautiful beaches-- everywhere from Coronado to Carlsbad and especially La Jolla!
We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

  Not only do I work on radio, but I also work for the San Diego Unified School District as a Special Education Assistant.  
I also sell Cookie Lee jewelry and have a website if you care to check it out:
( My husband, Jeff Latimer, broadcast engineer and facilities manager at XETV SD 6 jokes  "I have more jobs than a Jamaican!")

... Did I mention I'm also a property manager and Realtor?! ;)

Marsi, thanks for your time!



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