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Monday, June 30, 2014

Veteran News Anchor Hangs It Up

By Joe Nelson
   SanDiegoRadio has learned today that longtime FOX 5 San Diego Anchor Susan Lennon has decided to step away from TV news.
   After six years at FOX 5, Lennon announced she wants to spend more time as a stay at home mom, and watch more Little League and soccer games. She did offer to fill in from time to time though.

   Lennon's last day will be July 6.

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Anonymous said...

Susan Lennon is a horrible person! She has no family values. I was her neighbor in Houston when she was on the radio acting like she was a total sweetheart. However, she was having sex with a very married man who had small children. His name is Charles Barkley and he was with the Rockets at the time. She doesn't care about family values. My friends and I would see Charles Barkley creeping in and out of her place. She was also a real bitch and treated all of her neighbors like crap. Hope Karma has found her! said...

I also know Susan, and don't believe you. She is a nice person and her husband and kids are wonderful. I think you're a horrible person for posting such a comment/story. I am certain you're not perfect... I think you should mind your own business and leave her alone.

Susan is a beautiful, talented, fun person, and I wish her and her family the best!

Joe Nelson said...

I write the stories. I vet the stories i write. I stand by my column. -Joe