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By Joe Nelson

Since January, a small Alpine radio station has made a huge impact on the East County San Diego FM air waves, In addition to changing to a country music format, KRLY Mountain Country 107.9FM has also seen it’s Thursday evening listening audience increase significantly since moving Rich Singley and his beer bandits (as Rich likes to call them) from Tuesday to Thursday’s coveted prime time radio time slot from 7pm-9pm. Singley, Co-Host of last year’s Hour San Diego Radio Program with Sam and Rich on Tuesday nights, along with local personality Sam Diego, had his work cut out for him when Sam left the station.
The ask? Increase the show from one hour to two hours, replace the well-liked, Pirate-of-Radio, Sam Diego, Thursday evening’s, where Sam had his own popular show called the Sam’s Diego Show . The result? A very affable and enjoyable program called “The HAPPY Hour San Diego Radio Magazine” . This is a hip program that bring listeners the best that San Diego County has to offer, including craft brewery’s (they use the tag line B.R.E.W. Beer Radio Every Week) , restaurant reviews, the best and brightest musicians, comedians and artists and a highlight of things to do and where are the best places to go each week . “We liken ourselves to kind of like an audio ‘San Diego Reader’, we bring updated information about the greatness of our county while having fun as if we all (listeners and us) were together at a happy hour venue.” said Singley when interviewed recently at the KRLY studios. “We keep it real and relaxed, we don’t act like big shot radio people and we make our guests feel at ease which makes and keeps the vibe really cool. We also keep the flow moving so as not to dwell too long and have a segment get stale or fatigued. We want our listeners to sit next to us and thumb through the “radio magazine” together.”

The show consists of hosts, Rich Singley (an up and coming local radio personality), Jere Batten (her laugh is contagious), a weekly film review by Josh Board (Fox 5’s clever and insightful film critic) and Richard “Big” Freye (“The restaurant Review Guy”) along with station engineer and local DJ (“The Forgotten Files”) M.T. Robinson and their many guests from the brewery, winery, restaurant, music, comedy and film community in San Diego.
“Since this show went live in January, listener-ship is as strong as ever” Says KRLY General Manager Chris Torrick. "Rich, Jere and 'Big Freye' have a really cool chemistry on the air that is hard to beat. They are immersed into everything cool in San Diego County, from restaurants to microbreweries to the arts. It's a great show and I am thrilled that we have it on Mountain Country 107.9".
If you’re looking for a new happy hour turn your Thursday evening dial to if you are in East County (this is a low frequency station) or get the app TuneIn (or and search for KRLY to listen anywhere world wide (this show is also available nationwide via iTunes radio) . Pull up a chair, a cocktail and an appetizer and get up to speed with “what’s going on” in San Diego via The HAPPY Hour San Diego Radio Magazine. (You can listen to past shows on
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