SanDiegoRadio Takes a Big Step Forward!

By Joe Nelson

   As long as I have been running SanDiegoRadio (SDR), I have touched a few times on TV news in San Diego. I enjoy both radio and TV, and I figure I can slowly introduce more TV as time goes on. I have had the good fortune of meeting some great TV people and have been able to be on the news floor during telecasts, touring the station departments, and even going on news stories with field reporters. In fact, I made a trip with SD 6's Gary Buzel and ran this article on how a news story is put together for broadcast. You can see this article by clicking HERE

   Having said that, the name will remain 'SanDiegoRadio', and as not to alienate local stations, radio is now and always will be priority number one.
   Starting out, there will now also be a monthly Spotlight for TV, much as there is for radio. While I am on the subject, I'd like to share some of the past Spotlight features with clickable links. (Although I started in Sept of 2012, the Spotlights from Sept '12- Jan '13 are lost due to unfortunate circumstances and cannot be retrieved)
-Sept   Sam Bass
-Oct    LaDona Harvey
-Nov   Steven Woods
-Dec   Tori Peck

-Jan    John & Tammy
-Feb   Bob "Sully" Sullivan
-Mar   Ken Kramer
-Apr    Jerry Coleman
-May   Kelly Danek
-Jun     Mark Larson
-July    Nathan Fast
-Aug    Kelly Cole
-Sept   Clint August
-Oct    Ashlee Rock
-Nov   Jim McInnes
-Dec    Tommy Sablan

-Jan     Gary Lee
-Feb    Chris Torrick
-Mar   Gene Knight
-Apr   Kevin Dean

   If you are in TV News, and have something to share, or have anything interesting to publish here, contact me!

   Remember SDR is also available on Facebook and Twitter, see below. Please share this with your news directors and anyone else who may be interested.


Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio!


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