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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Media Night at the Fair

By Joe Nelson

   Photos from last night's Media Party are up on the SanDiegoRadio Facebook page. (Saves bandwidth here)
   Great seeing y'all!!!


Friday, May 30, 2014

The Voices of the Fair are BACK!

By Joe Nelson
   Great news! Mark Zegan, John J J Dixon, and Gary Lee are all back at The San Diego County Fair, reprising their roles as voice of the fair.

   Speaking of The Fair, I will see you tonight at the annual Media Party! Please seek me out if I don't see you first... I'd love tho get a photo of you.

Thanks for tuning in to!

Monday, May 26, 2014

KPRI - What Lies Ahead?

By Joe Nelson
   Now that Haley Jones has left KPRI, and presumably her husband Bryan Shock, what is the future for KPRI?
Haley recently left 102.1 for the position of Program Director/Brand Manager for Austin's 93.3 KGSR.

Who will fill the void(s)? Will there be more movement?

Stay tuned. This will get interesting.


Mark Zegan is a Fair Man

By Joe Nelson
   As the San Diego County Fair is rapidly approaching (June 7-July 6), I wanted to share as much media involvement as possible.
   Mark Zegan will be working the fair again, Mark tells SanDiegoRadio "I am the Night Media Manager, and a Media Writer." "I was a Voice of the Fair for 20 years, but that position was eliminated last year." "I also maintain the Fair's Information Phone Line (1-858-793-5555)
Mark (Right) pictured here with David Manzi
More from the fair can be found HERE

Friday, May 23, 2014

SanDiegoRadio Job Board

By Joe Nelson

Lifestyle Online Video Host
BCA Radio seeking online video host able to chronicle key sports and celebrity news, local events, and capture interviews and spots that will turn into sellable features.  Candidate would be able to capture footage, and conduct high quality interviews for professional standard online postings and sales presentations.  Excellent spoken and written communication skills, ability to create and manage online blog.  Candidate should have 1-2 years’ experience in interviewing, video editing, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, YouTube, Word Press, Social Media and other technical skills.  Candidate must have flexible schedule, possible late nights, weekends, holidays.  Send resume, salary requirements, references and samples to for immediate consideration.  Equal Opportunity Employer. 

San Diego’s 1240 sells to Crawford Broadcasting

By Joe Nelson

San Diego’s 1240 sells to Crawford Broadcasting for 1.5 million, In a rare sale by Arthur Liu of Multicultural Broadcasting. (Though he is selling his New York-market WNSW Newark/1430 to lay-Catholic Starboard Media Foundation for $10.1 million.) Back in 2003, Liu agreed to LMA (with an option to buy) San Diego’s then-KSON/1240 from Jefferson-Pilot for $4,850,000 less the LMA fees. Eventually, there were many LMA fees at $100,000 per month, because the purchase wasn't consummated until 2009. Though it’s possible that because of the severe storm damage in late 2004 and then more tower damage several years later, Liu wasn’t paying the full amount every month. The station’s now called KNSN and is currently running a brokered Spanish Christian teaching format named “Radio Catolica.” This was Multicultural’s only signal in San Diego, and it will be Christian broadcaster Don Crawford’s entrĂ©e to the market. KNSN’s licensed for 550 watts, day and night, with good ground conductivity that helps it cover the market.

Special thanks to Tom Taylor and David Alpern for this lead!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Article Worth Sharing

By Joe Nelson

   I ran across this article from a fantastic writer, Perry Simon from All Access, 'Between the Fires'. It talks about how radio is both an integral part of communication during these devastating fires, and the state of radio after the fires are gone. Here is a portion of the article...
   If you've been paying attention to the news this week, you know that down the road apiece from here, fires have been destroying homes and causing havoc all over northern San Diego County. Now, you're expecting me to decry radio coverage of the situation, I'm sure, but I can't do... SEE MORE

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Friday, May 16, 2014

12th Annual May Ride Saturday

By Joe Nelson

   Each year, 101.5's Clint August hosts "May Ride", a meet up of bikers and even those who do not ride. All for one cause, the Heroes in the Armed Forces. Despite the horrific fires of San Diego County, the event is still all systems go! Clint told SanDiegoRadio today when asked the status for tomorrow, "Conditions are absolutely great. We are on.Tomorrow the air quality looks good, skies clear, I am at the location now and all exits are open and clear." Clint adds: "We are feeding uniformed first responders, also massages and water from Noon-4PM."
More information available HERE

Ride History:
   The May Ride was created by two buddies with a common passion, riding. When Clint August and Marc Baluch bought their Harley Davidson Motorcycles over 10 years ago, they realized that the riding community as a whole loved two things. First was the freedom of the open road and the second was that just about every rider they met along the way were very passionate about charitable work.

   During a conversation about the importance of our Men and Women in uniform one evening, Marc suggested that maybe they should put together a motorcycle run to raise funds for our Heroes in the Armed Forces. Clint agreed and they put together the first “May Ride”, in 2003.

   The first event had only one rider and about 40 people at the after party. The second year attracted just over 60 riders and close to a hundred people at the after party and it’s grown every year since with the help of a core group of great friends and wonderful volunteers who put their heart and souls into the planning and in making sure that everyone involved has a great time while honoring our military, past and present! For three years now the “May Ride”, has had between 250-350 riders and over 1,000 attendees at the after party.

   The event has grown in attendance and in activities, live entertainment, shows, contests and much more. Whether you ride or not, this is a festival that you want to be a part of.

   On hand will be Assemblyman Brian Jones, Chargers Center Nick Hardwick, stunt teams and 'The Saluting Marine' Tim Chambers.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Local Reporter Makes CBS Morning News

By Joe Nelson
   Steve Price, CBS 8, found himself on the CBS Morning news after dousing flames in a San Diego back yard.
   Price was filing a report when the flames appeared in the corner of the yard. He grabbed a hose and extinguished the flames.

Click the link HERE

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thank you to one of our Sponsors

By Joe Nelson
   I just wanted to thank one of the SanDiegoRadio sponsors. The San Diego County Fair . Running June 7 - July 6.

   See you there!


San Diego TV News Fire Coverage

By Joe Nelson
   While flipping stations and channels today I am very pleased with the coverage all the local media outlets are offering. Reporters scattered across the county covering the more than half-dozen fires springing up.

   I wanted to provide a quick directory of the TV News stations for your convenience.

   Thank you to all the brave Firefighters, Law Enforcement and all Emergency Crews for battling these unbelievable fires.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Latest Nielsen Ratings

By Joe Nelson
   Below are the latest Nielsen ratings. Courtesy of

Phil Blauer Returns to TV

By Joe Nelson
   If you were watching TV last night, or saw Phil Blauer's Facebook tease for the FOX 5 News at 10, you may wonder what the latest is on the veteran anchor "free agent".

   I can tell you Phil and I are in constant communication and he is very optimistic about his future!
   What I can relay is Phil's words: "I have emerged from the shadows doing part time work" "I am back NOW for fire coverage,  tonight and Wednesday on FOX 5"
   Congratulations Phil! You can't keep a good man down! 
More to come

SanDiegoRadio Takes a Big Step Forward!

By Joe Nelson

   As long as I have been running SanDiegoRadio (SDR), I have touched a few times on TV news in San Diego. I enjoy both radio and TV, and I figure I can slowly introduce more TV as time goes on. I have had the good fortune of meeting some great TV people and have been able to be on the news floor during telecasts, touring the station departments, and even going on news stories with field reporters. In fact, I made a trip with SD 6's Gary Buzel and ran this article on how a news story is put together for broadcast. You can see this article by clicking HERE

   Having said that, the name will remain 'SanDiegoRadio', and as not to alienate local stations, radio is now and always will be priority number one.
   Starting out, there will now also be a monthly Spotlight for TV, much as there is for radio. While I am on the subject, I'd like to share some of the past Spotlight features with clickable links. (Although I started in Sept of 2012, the Spotlights from Sept '12- Jan '13 are lost due to unfortunate circumstances and cannot be retrieved)
-Sept   Sam Bass
-Oct    LaDona Harvey
-Nov   Steven Woods
-Dec   Tori Peck

-Jan    John & Tammy
-Feb   Bob "Sully" Sullivan
-Mar   Ken Kramer
-Apr    Jerry Coleman
-May   Kelly Danek
-Jun     Mark Larson
-July    Nathan Fast
-Aug    Kelly Cole
-Sept   Clint August
-Oct    Ashlee Rock
-Nov   Jim McInnes
-Dec    Tommy Sablan

-Jan     Gary Lee
-Feb    Chris Torrick
-Mar   Gene Knight
-Apr   Kevin Dean

   If you are in TV News, and have something to share, or have anything interesting to publish here, contact me!

   Remember SDR is also available on Facebook and Twitter, see below. Please share this with your news directors and anyone else who may be interested.


Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

FM 94/9 Attack of the iPads IV: iPads In Space!

By Joe Nelson
   FM 94/9 has a great little promo video out for their iPad Air giveaway. I wanted to share it here. Clever.

Want more info? ---> CLICK HERE

Dan Sileo Makes ESPN Ink

By Joe Nelson

   After the San Diego Chargers made their first round pick in the NFL Draft, selecting TCU Cornerback Jason Verrett, The Mighty 1090's Dan Sileo interviewed him and that conversation landed on the ESPN website, I wanted to share that here.

   Check out the ESPN article HERE

Thanks for tuning in to

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Show Spotlight

By Joe Nelson

Since January, a small Alpine radio station has made a huge impact on the East County San Diego FM air waves, In addition to changing to a country music format, KRLY Mountain Country 107.9FM has also seen it’s Thursday evening listening audience increase significantly since moving Rich Singley and his beer bandits (as Rich likes to call them) from Tuesday to Thursday’s coveted prime time radio time slot from 7pm-9pm. Singley, Co-Host of last year’s Hour San Diego Radio Program with Sam and Rich on Tuesday nights, along with local personality Sam Diego, had his work cut out for him when Sam left the station.
The ask? Increase the show from one hour to two hours, replace the well-liked, Pirate-of-Radio, Sam Diego, Thursday evening’s, where Sam had his own popular show called the Sam’s Diego Show . The result? A very affable and enjoyable program called “The HAPPY Hour San Diego Radio Magazine” . This is a hip program that bring listeners the best that San Diego County has to offer, including craft brewery’s (they use the tag line B.R.E.W. Beer Radio Every Week) , restaurant reviews, the best and brightest musicians, comedians and artists and a highlight of things to do and where are the best places to go each week . “We liken ourselves to kind of like an audio ‘San Diego Reader’, we bring updated information about the greatness of our county while having fun as if we all (listeners and us) were together at a happy hour venue.” said Singley when interviewed recently at the KRLY studios. “We keep it real and relaxed, we don’t act like big shot radio people and we make our guests feel at ease which makes and keeps the vibe really cool. We also keep the flow moving so as not to dwell too long and have a segment get stale or fatigued. We want our listeners to sit next to us and thumb through the “radio magazine” together.”

The show consists of hosts, Rich Singley (an up and coming local radio personality), Jere Batten (her laugh is contagious), a weekly film review by Josh Board (Fox 5’s clever and insightful film critic) and Richard “Big” Freye (“The restaurant Review Guy”) along with station engineer and local DJ (“The Forgotten Files”) M.T. Robinson and their many guests from the brewery, winery, restaurant, music, comedy and film community in San Diego.
“Since this show went live in January, listener-ship is as strong as ever” Says KRLY General Manager Chris Torrick. "Rich, Jere and 'Big Freye' have a really cool chemistry on the air that is hard to beat. They are immersed into everything cool in San Diego County, from restaurants to microbreweries to the arts. It's a great show and I am thrilled that we have it on Mountain Country 107.9".
If you’re looking for a new happy hour turn your Thursday evening dial to if you are in East County (this is a low frequency station) or get the app TuneIn (or and search for KRLY to listen anywhere world wide (this show is also available nationwide via iTunes radio) . Pull up a chair, a cocktail and an appetizer and get up to speed with “what’s going on” in San Diego via The HAPPY Hour San Diego Radio Magazine. (You can listen to past shows on
Thanks for tuning in to!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Looking for Employment?

By Joe Nelson

   Keep in mind, on top of posting job opportunities in radio, I'd like to add a new feature. If YOU are looking for work, send me the pertinent details, and I will post to SanDiegoRadio! It can stay anonymous for public view if you wish.

And good luck!

Monday, May 5, 2014

LFM's Callahan Promoted to OM

By Joe Nelson
   Kevin Callahan, PD of Lincoln Financial Media (KSON-KBZT) has been elevated to the newly created position of OM.

   Callahan will begin immediately and oversee KSON, KBZT, and KIFM.

Congratulations, Kevin!