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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight

By Joe Nelson
   The April edition of the SanDiegoRadio Spotlight features KyXy's Kevin Dean!

Kevin, thanks for taking the time for

What is your current position/title?

Afternoon content disbursement at KyXy 96.5, a proud member of the CBS Radio family. I work with my sidekicks Sonny West and Susan DeVincent every day from 3p-7p playing the hits and keeping you happy. .

What are your favorite parts of the job?

Two part answer.

A. I would have to say the best part of the job is having a job.

2. Working with some of the best broadcasters in the business for the last 29 years here in SD (20 years here @ Kicksy). Every day I get to hang with Sonny West, Susan DeVincent, Sam Bass, Ralph Rodarte and Sherry Knight (new to our family). Together they have like 600 years of broadcast history. And I am lucky to work with great management too, our PD Charlie Quinn and GM Bobby Bolinger… the best.

Who are your all time favorite musical artists?

Wow so many. I always loved Roy Orbison. When I was working at KCBQ back in the day I met Roy before a concert. I asked him the secret to being so cool all the time and he told me to get some cool sunglasses and then he said “Be more like me and less like you”… so I got that going for me.

Also loves me some Culture Club… that Boy George can put some feeling in a song right? “Time Won’t Give Me Time, And You And Me Got Nothin’ But Time”… c’mon that’s poetic stuff. Genius.

And your current favorite?

I love “Happy”, heck sometimes I will play it 3 or 4 times in our show.

Tell me about your personal side

Born and raised here in SD. Married to my beautiful wife Kim for 24 years with and have 3 daughters and for that I feel like the luckiest guy in the word. I mean c’mon, look at me.

What are your favorite restaurants?

I’m a fan of good food. Not a foodie though… I hate that word, next person who says foodie should get punched in the mouth....but I digress.
Best Burger - Waterfront Grill, Best Pizza - Filippi’s, Best Steak - Lou & Mickey’s, Best Mexican Food - La Palapa, Best salad…… idea.

What are your movie interests?

Movie interests? Well, I’d like to star in a radio rom-com about a DJ who falls in love with the overnight girl only to find out she is a voice track….wait you mean what movies do I like? I made an odd pledge to go a year without seeing any films with CGI. I like films with actual actors actually acting, it’s been hard.

Do you have any hobbies?

When you’re a professional broadcaster aka “DJ”  it takes up all of your time so there’s no time for other hobbies, I mean you’re “on” 24/7… (crickets)…

What are your favorite parts of the city?

I love going to Del Mar and telling folks who live in the Village that I grew up in Lakeside…. then spending 15 minutes explaining to them where Lakeside is.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Just thanks to you Joe for keeping the SD Radio thing going. You’re a real buddy to radio and that is pretty cool. In fact I should take you to dinner sometime to show my gratitude. Ever been to CafĂ© Coyote?


Kevin Dean

Thanks for your time, and the kind words, Kevin. I will get you that $5....


Sunday, April 27, 2014

SanDiegoRadio... Movie Review?

By Joe Nelson
   Last week I was asked by FOX 5's (and frequent LaDona Harvey guest) Movie Critic Josh Board to attend a screening of the horror film "The Quiet Ones"
   I thought I would share the article here on SanDiegoRadio.

Check out Josh's review HERE

SanDiegoRadio Obituary

By Joe Nelson
   SanDiegoRadio received word today that radio and VO legend Lee Marshall has passed away.
   Details are not immediately known, but Lee's wife posted on his Facebook page today of his unfortunate passing.
   Of course Lee is known for his extensive career in radio, but also was very involved as the announcer of the American Wrestling Association and World Championship Wrestling.
   Lee has been the voice of Frosted Flakes' 'Tony the Tiger' for many years.

More information as it comes available.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for all of your birthday wishes. It has been a great day!


Monday, April 21, 2014

91X Announces X-Fest Co-Headliner

By Joe Nelson


SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego's 91X announced today the three remaining bands on the X-Fest concert line-up that had yet to be announced.

Foster the People will co-headline the concert with 311 on May 30 at Sleep Train Amphitheater, with Capital Cities and Ms Mr rounding out the 12 band festival line-up, with Panic! At The DiscoIrationPhantogram,BleachersKongosSkatersCherub, and Sir Sly.

91X also announced a contest with Harrah’s Resort Southern California, giving listeners a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize at the concert.  91X will qualify listeners on-air starting today up until the concert date, and one qualifier will be picked to go on-stage for a chance to win a quarter million dollars.

“Yes, we’ve taken X-fest to a whole new level this year, with more bands than ever before,” said 91X Program Director Christy Taylor.  “Plus, we’re giving a 91X listener a chance at a quarter million dollars. Who doesn’t like that?!”

X-Fest is produced by LiveNation.  Details on the concert can be found at

91X (XTRA-FM) is owned and operated by Local Media San Diego LLC, a privately held San Diego-based company.  LMSD also operates Jammin’ Z90 (XHTZ-FM) and Magic 92.5 (XHRM-FM).

Sunday, April 20, 2014

FM 94/9 Coachella Wrap-Up

By Joe Nelson
   As Coachella wraps up tonight, I thought I'd share this great video the guys at FM 94/9 put together. I enjoyed it. Have a great week, radio friends!

Thanks for tuning in!

San Diego County Fair

By Joe Nelson
      As SanDiegoRadio and The San Diego County Fair have partnered up, and the fair is heavily involved with local radio stations, I just wanted to post a reminder on some important dates and events.
   The 2014 San Diego County Fair becomes The Fab Fair, kicking off this summer as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion, an era when musical acts and other aspects of British culture changed America. The dates of the fair are Saturday, June 7 through Sunday, July 6.
   The 2014 Toyota Summer Concert Series is the Fair's premier music event, featuring internationally known entertainers on the Heineken Grandstand Stage. Check out the concert line-up HERE
    The Big Bite Bacon Fest brings all of the best bacon foods to one location in celebration of the world's most beloved protein! This fun-filled tasting event features creative bacon dishes from the best chefs and competitive cooks in San Diego and beyond. Indulge in unlimited bacon-y deliciousness ranging from appetizers to desserts and everything in between, and wash down that bacon goodness with samples of San Diego's top craft beer!
And while this event is all about the bacon, the fair will have entertainment and games like Pig Pong, Pork Ladder Toss, Bacon Hole, and more! Attendees can pig out in hog heaven at this event that will showcase America's love for bacon, and will undoubtedly be a treat for everyone in the family.
    If you have any station events you would like me to post, please email me with the details!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

SanDiegoRadio Asks For Some Help for a Friend

By Joe Nelson
I hesitate putting this on the SanDiegoRadio as it really does not relate to radio, but when a good friend needs help, I'd feel bad if I did not do all I could. If you, or the station can do anything to assist my friend and his awesome family, it would be greatly appreciated!

 Thank you, Joe

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson
   Below are the latest Nielsen ratings. Courtesy of

Thanks Tom!

Social Mixer Invites

Current and former radio/tv friends... I sent out invites for the Social Mixer via Facebook. It was not easy to do the invites so if I inadvertently missed you, please message or email me. -Joe

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Morton in the Morning on Ellen WITH VIDEO

By Joe Nelson
Z90 San Diego's "Morton in the Morning" show pops up on ELLEN!!
   Z90 Morning show,"Morton in the Morning" had guest Marlon Wayans in studio to promote his movie A Haunted House 2 and asked for him to take a selfie with them. 

   The next day that picture popped up on The Ellen Show as Marlon himself explained that he was the,"King of Selfies". Show host Rick Morton said, "I was watching Ellen and then next thing I see is our picture on her big screen! I immediately thought, 'Hey, that's us!' cool!" I guess it never hurts to ask for the selfie these days!!

 See the video Here ---> ELLEN Scroll on right side for Marlon Wayans clip
(Action at 1:09)

Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio!

Monday, April 14, 2014

SanDiegoRadio Social Mixer

By Joe Nelson
   I have been considering hosting a social mixer at a local restaurant (possibly Cafe Coyote in Old Town in a banquet room), to give current and former radio folks a chance to mingle.

   While we do have the annual San Diego County Fair Media Preview Night in late May, and Marilyn Hyder's Radio Reunion in September, I think there could be room for another. I am shooting for early July.
   If you are interested, please e-mail me at and I will add you to the list. I will also be creating a private group on Facebook this week do the information can be privately shared there. If we are not already currently friends on FB, you can find me at

Spread the word!

   As always, thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio!

SanDiegoRadio Job Board

By Joe Nelson

If you would like to apply internally, please send resume to, or

Part Time Board Operator
BCA Radio San Diego is searching for a Part Time Board Operator for Mighty 1090 AM & ESPN Radio 1700 AM.  Candidate will be responsible for producing live and taped broadcasts, on site, in studio and off satellite while editing audio, screening calls and other duties as assigned.  An entry-level part time position which will include nights, weekends and holidays. Please send resume, cover letter and salary history for immediate consideration to  Equal Opportunity Employer.

Part Time Per Diem Promotions Assistant
BCA Radio San Diego is seeking experienced per diem promotions assistant.  Candidate will be responsible for planning, setting up/breaking down, and executing events.  Candidate should be able to lift 30-50lbs on occasion.  Excellent driving record required.  Candidate will work within multiple departments and be an effective, proactive communicator.  Position requires excellent organization, strong computer skills, multi-tasking, superb customer service.  This position will be coordinating with customers and listeners.  This position will be expected to work independently, often times in high-stress, time-critical situations, and be adaptable to change. An entry-level part time position, with compensation based on experience, and will include nights, weekends and holidays.  Please send resume, cover letter and salary history for immediate consideration to  Equal Opportunity Employer.

Account Sales Executive

BCA Radio San Diego seeking an Account Sales Executive, preferably with experience selling sports talk, play-by-play and/or and FM music.  Candidate will bring creative, forward thinking ideas, and a successful history of selling station spot, sports, digital and NTR.  Candidate must be able to strategically assess client/customer needs and implement a plan to boost their revenue, as well as create a win/win meaningful relationship that will boost overall BCA Radio San Diego sales goals.  Candidate will meet budgets, outpace the market, increase revenue, and strive to own the marketplace.  Candidate must portray the highest level of confidence, trust and professionalism to enhance long lasting client relationships.  BCA Radio San Diego offers a comprehensive, competitive benefits package.  Only those high achievers who are driven to succeed apply to  Equal Opportunity Employer.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

SanDiegoRadio Obituary

By Joe Nelson

   Clip Helps, 73, of Escondido passed away on April 8. For 40 years, Clip was a local broadcaster, first at KOWN 1450 AM in North County, and later with Clear Channel Communications in San Diego. He was generous with his time and talents to many local charities. Clip is survived by his daughter, April Rutter, his two granddaughters, Karlie and Kaitlyn Rutter, and his sister Carl Helps. In keeping with his wishes, there will be no memorial service.

(Special thanks to reader Steve Karges for this story)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Awful Quiet in Radioland

By Joe Nelson
   This sure is a slow time! I promise I am still here, waiting for something to report. Certainly not just going to make stuff up. Keep in mind SanDiegoRadio is here at your disposal. On-air, off air news, promotions, certainly employment opportunities for folks looking for work. Send it over, I will run it. 

Also, nothing new on the possibilities of a morning show change. But I am monitoring it. 

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Morning Show Change Rumors

By Joe Nelson
   SanDiegoRadio is receiving rumors of a morning show shake-up. Once details are settled, you can count on the news here!

   Sorry to be so vague, but I like to be accurate, I also like to be respectful to the parties involved. I have said it before, SanDiegoRadio is not a tabloid outlet.

Thanks for tuning in, I am soon off to Vegas, but if anything shakes out, I will post!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thank you to our Sponsors!

By Joe Nelson

   I just wanted to take a moment to thank our sponsors who make SanDiegoRadio possible...