Bromo talks to SanDiegoRadio

By Joe Nelson
   As I reported Thursday morning, Dave 'Bromo' Abromowitz from 101.5 KGB has accepted a position in Fargo, ND. SanDiegoRadio sat with him and discussed his decision to move, his past and what he hopes for the future.
Joe: Bromo, congratulations on the new gig, this is huge. Tell me a little about it.
Bromo: It's 103.9 The Truck, with Jim, Ben and Alex and the format is Country. They called me in September and did what they had to do and made it work. They really make me feel like I will be an asset to the show. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the game, especially with these two creative guys.

J: Country? How does that work for you?
B: My experience of country music stems from the days my dad would feed me doses of Roy Acuff.

J: What will your role be? 
B: I will be producer, plus on air. 

J: How do you feel about the move? 
B: I am moving because it's been my dream to be full time, in mornings for four years now. 

J: How do you feel the transition will go?
B: I am already overwhelmed and completely flattered that they've taken 50% of the pressure off of me by taking care of the flight, getting  me a place to live, and finding me a car.

J: What are your goals when you arrive?
B: Very simple, to remain strong in my sobriety, I will find a 12-step program right away, I will entertain, be who I am, and to start a new life far away from the pressures of my old job (he was working in collections), a job I hated, but I did it. And I will adopt two kittens.

J: I think pretty much everyone knows you have been sober for five years now, things are looking great for you, talk to me about that.
B: Without a doubt, I would not be here if it were not for Coe Lewis, she and her boyfriend Mitch are the reason I am here. When I say here, I don't mean in radio, I mean here on Earth... alive! When I first moved to Coe's house, we found a baby rabbit, we tried to rescue it, nurture it. Ironically, I was like that rabbit. I was a man who needed help, Coe and Mitch provided me just that. Mitch was my cigar smoking partner, he kept me grounded with long talks of the disease, he kept me sober. Those two did everything for me, and it will be hard to leave them.

J: Do you have any thoughts on KGB?
B: I have so many memories of KGB, there are too many to list. I feel like I am the luckiest guy around. When I can start a new life in Fargo, following my dream, doing what I love. BUT here is the great part, I have been granted permission to continue my weekend shifts in San Diego on KGB! I am very happy about that.

J: You spent 10 years with the Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw Show, tell me about those days (Bromo's face lights up!)
B: Let me tell you something about Dave Rickards, he brought out the best in me, he realized I had certain qualities including making people laugh, and I will never forget how some people recognize me around town.  He made all of this possible. Dave was my mentor without a doubt. I also realized how I can make an impact, like when at an AA meeting, a newcomer comes to me and says 'I was all spun-out, Bromo, I saw you speak and you inspire me'. I will never forget that.

***Editor's addition***
I reached out to Dave Rickards, and he had this to say: "Bromo and I had hundreds of hours of great fun together.   Work and personal often blurred lines because we loved our jobs and our hanging out so much. Truly one of my best friends, and many of my favorite times were he and I being idiots together, which we excelled at. Bromo took the show to places of ridiculousness and hilarity that I could never have imagined.   He's a brilliant comic performer.   Period.   


J: Do you have anything else?
B: Yes, I want to send a huge thank you to Shauna Moran and John Peake. Without them, this opportunity would not be possible. They have treated me with nothing but trust and respect.

Thanks Bromo, best wishes on your new adventure!


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