Boston Rob Speaks to SanDiegoRadio

By Joe Nelson
   Following the announcement today that 105.3 The Show's Boston Rob is leaving San Diego, he had this to say to SanDiegoRadio... (It is very candid)

   "Ten years ago a whales vagina welcomed me in, I impregnated it with my dreams and together a career was born. I'm wicked blessed to have worked with some truly epic radio personalities. Rock 105.3 has been my home away from home for 10 years (literally when I fist began and was homeless I allegedly maybe spent a night or three in the building).. Sink shower! I've learned so much (especially not to drink and drive). Thank you San Diego for making a Masshole feel like fam... we had some wicked good times. A wicked big Thank you to The Show and Rock 105.3.. Thank you so very much."

   "I'm wicked happy to start my new gig back home in the greatest city in the history of cities, Boston. This is a dream come true"

   "Like Will Hunting said "I got to go see about a job"... Maybe I misquoted that but it feels right. And instead of coming out West, I'm going back East. Whoa - this is kind of like Reverse Good Will Hunting"

Good luck Rob.
Thanks for your time



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