December 2013 Spotlight

By Joe Nelson

Tommy Sablan - December 2013 Spotlight

The December 2013 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight features Jeff & Jer's Tommy Sablan

Tommy, thanks for taking the time for

Joe Nelson: Tell me about your radio background.
Tommy Sablan: I started in radio here in San Diego back in 1982.  I've been with Jeff and Jer since 1988, I am going on 26 years with Jeff and Jer. I'm proud to be their only producer for all that time!

JN: You have been with CBS Radio KyXy since January of 2011, what's the feel there?
TS: We have fun at KyXy 96.5. It's a perfect fit.
                                        Tommy and Laura Cain
JN: Aside from your regular radio job, do you have anything else you are working on?
TS: Yes,I've also started working with KUSI TV since last October. Mike McKinnon Jr. has given me an opportunity to suggest ideas and stories to them and to learn TV. He even gave me a title of Content Consultant.

JN: Are you comfortable working on TV?
TS:I have the work ethic to do both radio and TV.

JN: Tell me about your personal life, what are things like in the Sablan home?
TS: I'm a single dad with sole custody of my children! Eddie and Vanessa are teenagers now!
Eddie, Vanessa with Tommy
JN: Your kids are growing up, how are things for Vanessa and Eddie?
TS: Vanessa just completed her first semester of college and Eddie is a skateboard rat that's getting a lot of modeling and acting gigs because of it!

JN: I know you are into the healthy lifestyle, do you care to tell me about that?TS: I'm actively managing my weight loss and work closely with the Medifast Centers in San Diego.

JN: Do you work closely with anyone else?
TS: It's great to be Dealership Ambassador for Frank Motors where I grew up.

JN: Tommy, do you have a signature moment, or moments you are especially proud of?
TS: I think when I die, I'll be known for Breaking and Entering Christmas! It started with us about 15 years ago and is now done in major cities across the country.

JN: Are you doing any public appearances?
TS: I am proud to be invited to speak at schools and juvenile hall on making good choices in life.

JN: I know you made a major change in life, years ago. Do you care to speak on that?
TS: I'm going into 2014, 6 years clean!

JN: What do you enjoy doing?
TS: I run. I like doing half marathons. I try to eat healthy.

JN: How are things today?
TS: Life is really cool right now!

Tommy, thanks for taking your time for SanDiegoRadio. I appreciate all you do for the community.

Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio,


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