Cliff Albert and Steve Yuhas out at Clear Channel/KOGO

Several sources have Cliff Albert, Stever Yuhas and CC/KOGO 600 going their separate ways today. More as it comes available.


Mark Larson said…
I am shocked... There is no one who has worked harder over there... Yes, I am a bit biased because we have been friends for nearly 40 years, but this change makes no sense. Reminds me of the late broadcast legend Chris Conway's old law..tongue in check but true: "In every organization there is one person who really knows what's going on..that oerson must be fired". Duh. KOGO's loss. And a big one.
Dave Mason said…
I worked with Cliff for 8 years in that building- and can echo Mark's words. One of the people who'd hear "Jump!" and ask "how high?" and then "who said that?" Someone will snatch him up in a heartbeat. I hope.
Anonymous said…
Just in time for Xmas!

No corporate radio job is safe. I know.
Anonymous said…
Clear Channel is $20.7 billion in debt.....what to do?
Anonymous said…
Clif is dear friend and wonderful Christen man
How sad about this news.
No reason to tune in KFMB any longer
We have known Clif and his family from the time they cam to San Diego
From a friend not in the business
Howard and Sue
Alpine Ca
Anonymous said…
Yes Marry Christmas
Could Clear Channel not wait until after the New Year?
That's corporate Americia for you!
No loyalty to is employes and they wonder why the employes don't have locality to them.
It's not only in the broadcast industry
It in almost all of today's business
Cliff you and your family are in our prayers
Howard and Sue
Alpine Ca
gbmatty said…
Had the privilege of working with Cliff (and Dave Mason as well) during my 4 years with CC. The Engineering and IT Depts. were tasked with moving all of the stations (10 or 11 if memory serves) from 3 different locations in town to the Granite Drive broadcast facility.

During this time, I worked at both the KOGO building in Murphy Canyon as well as the 91X building on Pacific Highway. It was a big challenge but I could count on Cliff when things difficult. I can state unequivocally that not only was Cliff a great broadcaster but he was someone who "got it." I know that he will land on his feet here in SD in no time at all. All the best Cliff.
Anonymous said…
Cliff is a nice man, but he's had a Hell of a run. Lots of equally or more talented programmers have lost their just due to the current corporate environment. KOGO's ratings are awful. CC likely bullied him into accepting a lot of cost cutting initiatives over the past 10 years,thus planting the seeds for future failure. Chip Franklin never had traction, I wonder who's idea that really was?. Likely a company strategy. With historically low ratings, Cliff became an easy scape-goat for the revenue losses at KOGO.
CC is brutal, but there are no virgins there, you know what you're dealing with each day you walk in the door.
Anonymous said…
sad. remember him at kfmb. was a neighbor of mine when we lived in nice housing area in lakeside. he always had the kfmb vehicle in his driveway. i dont know what he will do in sd now. hopefully good severence pay. probably too mature for all the young potty mouth talk show punks on the station now
Mark Williams said…
Oh come the &%$&#! on! It just doesn't end!
Anonymous said…
LOL at Mark Larson.. How come KCBQ doesn't subscribe to Arbitron anymore

Cliff was a decent man, but arbi's were sliding over the past two years. time for a change
Anonymous said…
When you make bonehead moves like forcing Ladona Harvey on a one-man machine like Chip Franklin and then canning him when the move doesn't work, it's time to go.

My early morning KOGO-as-an-alarm-clock has been forever ruined. I will never listen to the racist that is Merrill.

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