September 2013 Ratings

By Joe Nelson
The following are the ratings for San Diego, September 2013: (I also included the previous month, for comparison)


Mark said…
Looks like KOGO got a bit of a "Filner Bump" in AUG.

KFMB creeping up on 600am

Next month lets see how the KOGO #'s look after the latest changes.

Too bad we don't know how KFI affects KOGO and KFMB. I think KFI has double the ratings in SD.

Anonymous said…
Hear, hear, I never listen to local talk shows on the AM as their hosts lean way too far to the right. KFI's (other than the syndicated Rush show they buy and air) hosts tend to be a little more middle of the road which aligns with my ideals better.

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