Letter From the Editor

By Joe Nelson

   "Integrity" "Trust" "Reliability"
   These are three words words I want associated with SanDiegoRadio, and  myself.

   Over the last few weeks I have received dozens of comments, messages, and e-mails regarding the absence of a morning show host. I made it a point not to publish anything until I have verified the information as accurate.

   I received three comments today and I chose not to publish them due to their cruel nature. This column is not for mean spirited 'humor'. It was then I decided I should run this letter, explaining why there has been nothing. I am not going to run on speculation or rumors.

   Once this is worked out, you can bet I will have the information here. But until the time is right, I'd rather just run with the facts I know.

   PD Mike O'Reilly, Sam The Cooking Guy, and now Larry Himmel have done a gallant job filling the big chair (With Phil Blauer next week), the team has really stepped up their game even more to keep the consistency, and some of the comments on the "Lots of Radio News Today" article second that. So for now, hopefully everything is ok and all will return to normal.
   To close, this is not a tabloid radio column. I have always, and will continue to run the facts.

Thanks for tuning in!


Bob Fusco said…
Joe you're doing a fantastic job with this column. You have big shoes to fill as a I was a big fan of Chris. keep up the great work.

Bob Fusco
Joe Nelson said…
Hey thanks Bob! That means tons... and CC DOES have big feet! -Joe
David Tudor said…
Hey Joe, keep up the good work. Ya know, they say if people are not talking about you (good or bad) then they aren't paying attention.
We love you column and will continue to read.
THanks for the hard work.

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