SanDiegoRadio - One Year Mark

By Joe Nelson
   Today marks the one year anniversary of taking over SDRadio, and eventually shifting over to

   It really is a job I enjoy and wouldn't give it up for anything! I have met some tremendous people, and done some exciting things.

   I think it's great, when my son was young, I was his little league coach every year. That was 'our thing'.

   Now that I have this, it provides a chance for my daughters to be involved, with me, doing photography at the radio events.

   I am proud to provide information to the radio community and am humbled by the trust people put into me.

   Remember, like I always say. "Let me know if you need anything, I am here for YOU!"

Thanks for tuning in!


Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! Keep up the good work!

Joe Nelson said…
Thank you very much!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats! I like the new format, especially the station ratings whose columns line up :)

Any idea where Dave from DSC has been? The show has not said where he is.

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