Jack FM's Streaming Issues Addressed

By Joe Nelson

   After hearing from several friends, and reading many online comments regarding the streaming changes at JackFM, I decided to reach out to Program Director Mike O'Reilly to offer some clarity on the issue. The following is his reply...

HI Joe,

Yes, we're in the midst of a big change with our online streaming which will restrict our stream to San Diego.  

We've set up an FAQ page at: www.icanthearjack.com

Unfortunately there have been some issues within the county on some mobile devices due to IP & location conflicts.  We are working through those issues and expect to have them remedied soon.  

As for those outside of San Diego that love and support the DSC, we're now uploading commercial-free podcasts of the show no later than 11a (pst) via the brand new DSC app. 

   So it sounds like this is a temporary issue, the page for streaming all things Jack, such as the DSC Show can be found HERE

Thanks Mike.


Anonymous said…
Can you mention in the Jack post that they will start charging a subscription fee for the DSC podcasts next month? It wont be free after that time.
Joe Nelson said…
I am just reporting on the story. But if you ask me, as a listener, I applaud it. The 12 Days of Christmas in July and December are fantastic fundraisers that deserve to be supported. But again, that's just my personal view.
Anonymous said…
I agree, they do spend the money on a worthy cause. But Jack doesn't say how much of the subscription will actually be going to charity so I suspect most of its going to the new company hosting the podcasts. And if I hadn't just spent $10/ea for digital copies of the "best of" albums on Jack's site I probably would care as much. But I feel like I donated already and the new fee for a podcast with limited appeal is a bit much.

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