Hacksaw Shares a Few Words With SanDiegoRadio

By Joe Nelson
   SanDiegoRadio caught up with Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton today and he shared a few thoughts on his direction now that J.D. Hayworth has moved on.

JN: Saw, what are your thoughts on J.D.?
LH: "Liked him, Got along well with him. He is heading back to political talk shows, where he is really good."

JN: What is the future for your morning show?
LH: "Stay tuned for something unique effective........., I would assume. All I want to do is win, and we will."

*Editor's note: Lee left the date above blank, but sources say look for Sept. 3 for re-start.


Anonymous said…
Theres no doubt that Lee belongs on the radio, but it isn't in the morning. He is afternoon or drive time.

Someone make the switch. Its time. And bring back Charod.

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