The Mountain gets power increase from the FCC.

KRLY-FM received permission from the FCC to double our out power on Friday. Several months ago the station the station asked for permission to move to 106.9 because of a thermal ducting issue with KWVE San Clemente that was causing interference issues for KRLY. At that time the station also asked the commission to correct information regarding tower height that was not accurate. The request was dismissed by the FCC on March 15 and the technical issues were never addressed. Station Manager received a message from the commission Friday evening that the information issue had been updated and the station could double its output power. "David and I as well as everyone at the station are stoked that we are going to be able to better serve our listeners. It's a pretty big deal to be able to double your output power." Torrick plans to have the signal to the increased power for "Jack's Tracks" with Chris Carmichael Saturday afternoon at 2 PM.


Anonymous said…
So The Mountain is switching to 106.9 and doubling the power or the power is doubling at the current 107.9 freq?
Anonymous said…
The power was increased on the existing frequency. Their application to move to 106.9 was dismissed back in March.

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