Interview With Z90's Rick Moorten

By Joe Nelson
   Rick Moorten was hired Tuesday to take over the morning show duties. Rick has been at Wild 101 in Boise, Idaho, but Rick is no stranger to San Diego. I discussed the move with Rick last night.
   Rick: I am beyond thrilled to be coming back to a city I consider my one and only true home!!!! I've had a fantastic time working in Boise, a city full of some of the kindest, most considerate, wonderful people you'll ever meet!

   I've been the morning host at Wild 101 for four years in August! Before that, I had the privilege to work with true legends in the business. Jeff and Jer, and be a member of the Jeff and Jer Showgram for nearly 7 years alongside true talents and friends Tommy, Randy, Laura, and Emily. Not to mention working for one of the best talent coaches and programmers in the business, Tracy Johnson!

   It's been a great opportunity, while I will be saying goodbye, it can't compare to the thrill of coming to work for Local Media San Diego with people like GM Gregg Wolfson, and OM Joe Lindsay, and PD R Dub!!

   This is a great opportunity for me, and the dream job I've been looking for, and I can't wait to get in the chair, get behind the mic, and have at it!

Thanks for your time, Rick.


Aaron said…
Rick's a good dood... played hockey with him and Jason Austell back in the day.

Good to hear him back in SD!
Coffee Guy said…
Rick is a great talent we all will truly miss in Idaho. Hope you all enjoy in San Diego, cause your getting the best in the business!
Vanessa Balli said…
A true talent and the most humble man you'll ever meet!! Glad to have him back home!!
yopo said…
I am a parent of two teenagers in Boise. They would tune into your program everyday as I drove them to school over the last four years. Had it not been for them, I usually would have been listening to NPR. Your humor and good natured on-air bantering will be missed even by an old guy....

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