I'm Still Here!

By Joe Nelson
   I know things have been a little quiet of late, so I wanted to drop in and share a little note. I would rather the column go a few days with no new posts, rather than do what I have seen some columns do and just fill it with fluff. Not to question the way anyone else runs their sites, just my opinion.
   Be assured when I do post items, they are reliable and I have double or even triple checked the validity. I say this because I know I have left you 'hanging' on a few stories. For example, Dave & Jeff returning, the possible CBS sale, and maybe a couple others. Trust me, I have made notes on all my 'hangers', and you can be assured you WILL hear it from me, hopefully first.
   I also appreciate the way SanDiegoRadio has moved into doing more promotions, I heard many listeners check this site, so whatever we can do to promote our stations, I am all in on it.
   When it comes to traffic, I never release numbers, but I can say the traffic on SanDiegoRadio is extremely good, so let's keep this momentum rolling!
   Send me what you have, I love doing this. As most of you know, I do carry a full time 'regular' job, I will take care of you still.
   Please be sure to check your JUNK folder and add my email address as safe, I have had a few people tell me some demons placed my emails in that folder. That was annoying.

   The July edition of The SanDiegoRadio Spotlight is almost ready, who will it be? Well, I guess you will have to check back!

   Thanks for all your support, this is fun. Also, it is great seeing you all around town. If you will be out and about, please drop me a line! Also, please see the Facebook page for SanDiegoRadio right HERE



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