Mikey- Back On The Air

By Joe Nelson
   Mike Esparza, best known in San Diego for 'The Mikey Show' is stepping behind the mic again.
   Mikey tells SanDiegoRadio "I am the new host of 'Rock all Night', a syndicated rock show on Envisage Broadcasting."
   He adds "I am so excited to be back on the mic and in syndication! It's a whole new beginning and chapter in my life."
   Currently there are no stations in San Diego to air 'Rock all Night'. If/when that changes, SanDiegRadio will announce it. 



Anonymous said…
Are there any stations elsewhere that air this radio show or is there a homepage for the show? It has no web presence on google that I can find
Joe Nelson said…
Mikey told me that once they get going, they will stream. Not sure of exactly when, though.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry, Mikey has burned so many bridges and shown such bad character, he should not get any publicity. Every time he gets fired, Mikey hides behind religion and says he is starting a new chapter in his life. Joe; I have always aplauded your work. Please don't endorse Mikey.
Joe Nelson said…
I do appreciate your kind words for my work. I just report here. There is no endorsement implied. Radio has many personalities, It's my job to report on them all. Hey, thanks again! -Joe
Anonymous said…
Endorsre is the wrong word. By reporting on Mikey, you are helping to promote him. There are very few personalities that you should not report on. Mikey is one.
Anonymous said…
Do you have a comprehension problem, or are you just blinded by your butthurt?

He, very clearly, said that it's his JOB to report on ALL things related to radio. I'm not sure how it works in your world of vengeance but, here in the real world, professionals don't let personal opinions get in the way of their job.

I certainly hope you don't own your own business. I would feel very badly for your employees.
Anonymous said…
Streams to broadcast “Rock All Night” at KXRC(FM) in Durango, Colo. So unless you're in Durango you won't get to listen. Btw, station freq is 105.3 - how weird is that.

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