Media Night at the Fair

By Joe Nelson
   Last night was the Media Preview Night at The San Diego County Fair at the fairgrounds and my guess is that the crowd was much bigger this year, than last.
   Folks from TV and radio converged on the midway and sampled the roasted corn, bacon wrapped-(insert pretty much any food here), drinks, games, monster truck rides, music, and more.
   Perhaps one of the most interesting foods I have ever eaten was a Krispy Kreme doughnut, sliced open, with Sloppy Joe and cheese in the middle, and a deep fried, bacon wrapped pickle.
   When it comes to preview night, I equate it to baseball's all star game. You have people from every team (station) together, networking, socializing and putting call letters aside for a few hours.

   Due to bandwidth restrictions, I need to put the remaining photos on SanDiegoRadio's Facebook Page, you can find that HERE


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