Coffee with Rod Luck

By Joe Nelson
   Saturday I had the opportunity to have coffee with Rod Luck at a Starbucks in La Jolla. It was a conversation that went many directions. Talking about his past, what he's doing these days, and what he wants out of his future.
   Rod is probably best known in San Diego for his work at KUSI, the man on the street shooting segments at two, sometimes three locations every morning. In fact, he did a segment at my work when we were making concrete hippos and giraffes. He remembered that. He actually did all the booking himself.
   Rod was strong with the military community also. He could always be seen down at the pier for ships returning from deployment, or at the training exercises around town.
   Although Rod is mostly known for his TV work, he has an extensive resume in radio. He hosted a highly rated sports talk show and garnered several awards for his work.
   These days, Rod has been busy repairing his body from all the damage done while conducting his own stunts on the air. Sparring with several top level athletes including Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Soon Rod will undergo his 20th surgery, these on his knees. He is 5 years clean and has a new tattoo on his right arm bearing the words 'New Life Alcohol & Drug Free".
   Rod is a big fan of local radio, citing Jeff and Jer and The DSC as his favorites on the FM side, and Roger Hedgecock as his choice on the AM side. He is a big fan of San Diego radio legend 'Shotgun Tom' Kelly, now on K-Earth in Los Angeles. He hopes that more stations would be more active in the communities, including doing more remotes out on the town.
   In closing, Rod is hoping there is a station in town in need of a voice. Someone to 'take a chance on Rod'. He really wishes to return to radio, and feels he has all the tools necessary to make it a success.
   Good luck on your future, Rod. Thanks for the time.

Rod's website can be found HERE

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