Channel 933 DJ on the Fast track for Success

By Joe Nelson

   This morning I invited Channel 933's Nathan Fast to breakfast in San Diego's Old Town at Cafe Coyote to learn more about him as he has only been in town for six months.

   I have been listening to him and seeing him at events for a couple months now, and I think this guy is the real deal for radio.
   Nathan is just as smooth with the listeners in person as he is on the air. He can work a crowd with ease and understands it's all part of the recipe for making himself, and the station more successful.
   In talking to him, one thing that really stands out is his work ethic. The man is a perfectionist and a tireless worker. It seems he almost lives at the station.
   As our breakfast wrapped up, he jetted off to Los Angeles for his shift at KISS FM in Burbank. As that shift wrapped up, he returned to San Diego for his Sunday night show 'The Top 20'. And that's on top of Mon-Fri 7-Midnight, plus Saturday work.
   Thanks for joining us, Nathan. You have all the tools, man. You are great for radio!

Here's the link to a blind date Nathan did, also at Cafe Coyote. Click HERE
And here is a link to Nathan's bio. VERY funny. Click HERE

Check out Channel 933's website HERE

And Nathan's page HERE

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lorrilynn said…
Love Nathan Fast. Seems like such a great guy. Will never be able to listen to that 'Ceiling Can't Hold Us' song, w/o thinking of Nathan dancing around the studio.

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