A Conversation With 'The Greener'

By Joe Nelson
   As promised, I wanted to get with Gene Knight over the weekend and briefly discuss his new position at Magic 92.5 as Music Director.

   I simply asked Gene about his thoughts, ideas and plans for the station as he steps in.
   Gene Knight: "One thing (PD) R Dub! asked me to do is help with special music weekends. This weekend on Magic, we are playing Soul in The Summer. Featuring classic soul jams from Motown all the way up to the present. It's fun to put the weekends together, and just as much fun to be on the air at Magic to play this great music!"
   "R Dub! is the inspiration for all of us at Magic. I am thrilled to be on the station, and now keeping the Magic 92.5 brand going, musically. I've got more to share!"
   "I also want to say, Joe, how great the staff is here. The systems they use here are a little different from what we had in the studio at CBS San Diego, and there are so many people here who helped me get up to speed with the equipment here, and actually showed me how to take advantage of the stuff here to make the station totally shine when I am on the air. Everybody here is very into putting a great sound on the air, and I love that!!!"

Thanks for the chat, Gene!
Again, Congratulations!


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