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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Channel 933 DJ on the Fast track for Success

By Joe Nelson

   This morning I invited Channel 933's Nathan Fast to breakfast in San Diego's Old Town at Cafe Coyote to learn more about him as he has only been in town for six months.

   I have been listening to him and seeing him at events for a couple months now, and I think this guy is the real deal for radio.
   Nathan is just as smooth with the listeners in person as he is on the air. He can work a crowd with ease and understands it's all part of the recipe for making himself, and the station more successful.
   In talking to him, one thing that really stands out is his work ethic. The man is a perfectionist and a tireless worker. It seems he almost lives at the station.
   As our breakfast wrapped up, he jetted off to Los Angeles for his shift at KISS FM in Burbank. As that shift wrapped up, he returned to San Diego for his Sunday night show 'The Top 20'. And that's on top of Mon-Fri 7-Midnight, plus Saturday work.
   Thanks for joining us, Nathan. You have all the tools, man. You are great for radio!

Here's the link to a blind date Nathan did, also at Cafe Coyote. Click HERE
And here is a link to Nathan's bio. VERY funny. Click HERE

Check out Channel 933's website HERE

And Nathan's page HERE

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Mark Larson - June 2013 Spotlight

By Joe Nelson
   The June 2013 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight features longtime radio talk show host Mark Larson. As you will read in this article, Mark does much more than that.
   And now, on with the interview...

Joe Nelson: Thanks for taking the time for SanDiegoRadio, Mark! Ok,what is your current title/position?

Mark Larson: President, Mark Larson Media Services, Inc.    Under the "umbrella" of my company there's Radio (weekday mornings 6-9AM on 1170AM KCBQ)...  My role as political analyst on KUSI TV and guest host for Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt on their national Salem Radio Network programs.   Radio is one of three parts in my media world, all under my company. The others are consulting/production (El Cajon Ford, Royale Energy, Purity Products, Turning Point) and my speakers group (with several notable personalities such as Gene Cernan (last man on the moon), Jennifer O'Neill, Carol LeBeau, Charlie Duke, Sandra

JN: What are your favorite parts of the job?
ML: Truly reflecting San Diego. I've been on radio here 37 years as of this month...Doing content that makes a difference, and doing a talk show for a company (KCBQ/Salem Communications) that matters in our community and to California and the nation.  Beats playing twelve songs in a row.
We have raised three kids here (all adults now..and so far four grandkids)...

I have only changed stations a handful of times. 1976 to 1994 at KFMB-AM ..afternoon show and PD/OM plus National Program Director..then 1994 to 2004 at KPRZ/KCBQ as on air and GM most of those years... Then KOGO 2004 -2007 until I opted out of a new contract to consider running for Congress.  After I came to me senses and decided not to run, I did a short term at BCA's 1700AM/1090AM before rejoining KCBQ in 2009.  

I love being involved in the community, and that's why I serve on boards of various organizations (such as Chairman of the Board of the San Diego Air & Space Museum).  If you are blessed to work in media here, I don't think it's a matter of just "doing radio or TV". Giving back personally is important.

Another things that energizes me is getting results for advertisers. Not just reading copy points for sponsors but really learning their businesses.  That philosophy has led to many long term relationships and success stories.  Radio personalities need to rethink the old us vs. them view when it comes to sales. Face it: We are all in sales.

JN: Who are your favorite all time musical artists?
ML: I'm sure a psychologist would love analyzing songs I have on my iPhone... More than 800 of them ... Very eclectic...  Partial to  60s and 70s since that was in my music radio days..Motown, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Fifth Dimension..and lots of one hit wonders.  Led Zeppelin. Plenty of new and older Country.  Praise music. Mozart, Vivaldi, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Tata Vega...
See what I mean? Ha. All over the road....

JN: And who are your favorite artists today?
ML: The song getting most play in my car right now  is "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker.
And I've found that I have been buying more cowboy boots these days. I also find that I play lots of seasonal songs...this summer lots of summer 1968 hits are coming up in rotation.  Maybe I have been watching too many episodes of "Mad Men". Also, P!nk, Adele, and Bruno Mars. 

JN: Mark, tell me about your personal side.
ML: Everything I do is driven by my Christian faith. That's the goal, anyway, as a flawed human being. Trying to take each day as a blessing, with a responsibility to do something worthwhile and significant. Not shirking tough issues, talking about the things that matter most with compassion, friendliness and good humor.  

Editor's note: For a more detailed bio on Mark, see his website HERE

JN: What are your favorite restaurants?
ML: Donovan's (I did some consulting for owner Dan Shea when he began the restaurant) None better.
Pretty much anything the Cohns create, too ...Especially Blue Point and C Level/Island Prime.
In and Out, Il Fornaio, basic Jack in the Box tacos, Rubio's, Casa De Pico. Spicy City in Kearny Mesa. PF Chang. Rappongi.  Man, I am hungry right now.

JN: What are your movie interests?
ML: I watch a lot of stuff on Netflix...  Don't often go to theaters (especially during flu season..sitting in a big Petrie dish with others doesn't sound like fun) Really love classics (I see on his Facebook page a couple of his classics are Citizen Kane, and Duck Soup)(Duck Soup... one of this editor's favorite movies too!). As for TV on Netflix, I am addicted to "Portlandia".

JN: Do you have any hobbies?
ML: Reading, reading, reading...which sure helps prepping for a talk show and writing.  I am amping up the work on a new book I have put off for years.  I collect political and space memorabilia, too. Real history... Love it.

JN: What are your favorite parts of this city?
ML: East County..keeps things real and humble. When we moved here we first lived in the Lake Murray area. Have resisted the urge to move up beyond means. I think that's helped with raising kids in the real world.  I like the diversity in El Cajon, especially seeing how so many Chaldeans have assimilated into starting businesses.  That said, I still love spending time along the coast, Coronado, La Jolla. And all over downtown San Diego.

JN: Is there anything else you'd like to share, Mark?
ML: Never take any day for granted. Seize it, live it like it may be your last.  Don't see anything as coincidental.  I have found if I view every moment in the day as a "Divine appointment", I see everything differently. I pay more attention and that's when opportunities and blessing happen.

Mark, thanks again for taking the time for SanDiegoRadio!

You can visit Mark's personal website HERE. Mark offers plenty of great photos of pretty much everything we spoke of here.

Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bree Walker on The Mountain

By Joe Nelson
   Bree Walker debuts on Alpine's 107.9 The Mountain tonight at 6PM        

KSON 'HOPS' over to Santee to see what's 'BREWING'

By Joe Nelson
   OK, first off, I promise to never have a headline that cheesy ever again. I couldn't resist!
   Kimo Jensen and the KSON promotions crew were out in Santee today to help with the Grand Opening for BNS Brewing & Distilling Co.

   Good luck BNS, let's hope to get more stations out there for your events!

Friday, June 28, 2013

100.7 Jack FM Downtown

Jack FM at Gang Kitchen downtown tonight with Sam The Cooking Guy for his cooking demonstration.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Sub on the USS Midway?

By Joe Nelson
Grab & Go Subs and Jack FM Salute Military with 100.7’ Sub
Grab & Go Subs will provide the sub aboard the USS Midway on July 4
SAN DIEGO- Join Grab & Go Subs and Jack FM this Fourth of July on the USS Midway’s flight deck for the first annual"HERO For Our HEROES" event.  From noon to 2pm, Grab & Go Subs will provide a 100.7-foot long Italian sub to celebrate the courageous efforts of our U.S military.  The sub is free to eat with paid admission to the Midway. 

            Grab & Go Subs Expansion Director Cesar Pantoja is looking forward to celebrating Independence Day on the Midway and showing off his pride for our country.
            “Grab & Go Subs is excited to take part in an event celebrating the birth of our nation and recognizing the efforts of our military,” he said.  “The military does so much for our country.  This is the least we can do to show our support.”
            Alongside the 100.7-foot sub, Coca-Cola will be providing free beverages.  Jack FM will also be on site playing music and giving away prizes.  Beginning July 4th, all active and retired military will receive 10% off everything at Grab & Go Subs.
            Grab & Go Subs is a family owned company that has served San Diego for over 40 years. Italian born founder, Vincenzo “Mimmo” Gaglio wanted to create a restaurant experience that highlighted his Italian roots and that would draw in the public. Today Grab & Go Subs is still family operated and pride themselves on their authentic Italian subs on homemade baked bread. 
# # #
 For more information, please contact Cesar Pantoja at  619-920-6689. 


Monday, June 24, 2013

Coffee with Rod Luck

By Joe Nelson
   Saturday I had the opportunity to have coffee with Rod Luck at a Starbucks in La Jolla. It was a conversation that went many directions. Talking about his past, what he's doing these days, and what he wants out of his future.
   Rod is probably best known in San Diego for his work at KUSI, the man on the street shooting segments at two, sometimes three locations every morning. In fact, he did a segment at my work when we were making concrete hippos and giraffes. He remembered that. He actually did all the booking himself.
   Rod was strong with the military community also. He could always be seen down at the pier for ships returning from deployment, or at the training exercises around town.
   Although Rod is mostly known for his TV work, he has an extensive resume in radio. He hosted a highly rated sports talk show and garnered several awards for his work.
   These days, Rod has been busy repairing his body from all the damage done while conducting his own stunts on the air. Sparring with several top level athletes including Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Soon Rod will undergo his 20th surgery, these on his knees. He is 5 years clean and has a new tattoo on his right arm bearing the words 'New Life Alcohol & Drug Free".
   Rod is a big fan of local radio, citing Jeff and Jer and The DSC as his favorites on the FM side, and Roger Hedgecock as his choice on the AM side. He is a big fan of San Diego radio legend 'Shotgun Tom' Kelly, now on K-Earth in Los Angeles. He hopes that more stations would be more active in the communities, including doing more remotes out on the town.
   In closing, Rod is hoping there is a station in town in need of a voice. Someone to 'take a chance on Rod'. He really wishes to return to radio, and feels he has all the tools necessary to make it a success.
   Good luck on your future, Rod. Thanks for the time.

Rod's website can be found HERE

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Conversation With 'The Greener'

By Joe Nelson
   As promised, I wanted to get with Gene Knight over the weekend and briefly discuss his new position at Magic 92.5 as Music Director.

   I simply asked Gene about his thoughts, ideas and plans for the station as he steps in.
   Gene Knight: "One thing (PD) R Dub! asked me to do is help with special music weekends. This weekend on Magic, we are playing Soul in The Summer. Featuring classic soul jams from Motown all the way up to the present. It's fun to put the weekends together, and just as much fun to be on the air at Magic to play this great music!"
   "R Dub! is the inspiration for all of us at Magic. I am thrilled to be on the station, and now keeping the Magic 92.5 brand going, musically. I've got more to share!"
   "I also want to say, Joe, how great the staff is here. The systems they use here are a little different from what we had in the studio at CBS San Diego, and there are so many people here who helped me get up to speed with the equipment here, and actually showed me how to take advantage of the stuff here to make the station totally shine when I am on the air. Everybody here is very into putting a great sound on the air, and I love that!!!"

Thanks for the chat, Gene!
Again, Congratulations!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Gene Knight Named Music Director

By Joe Nelson

   Long time San Diego radio personality Gene 'The Greener' Knight has been named Music Director at Magic 92.5.

   Gene was brought in to Magic a couple months ago to perform fill in work and will continue to do so in addition to his music director duties.
   SanDiegoRadio has an interview scheduled with 'The Greener' today and will run an article sharing Gene's thoughts, ideas and opinions on this move.

Congratulations Greener, from the entire staff here at SanDiegoRadio!

More to come...


Thursday, June 20, 2013


By Joe Nelson
San Diego, Ca. – June 19, 2013 – 95.7 KISS FM (KSSX), The Rhythm of San Diego, announced today that it has named Louie Cruz Program Director, effective July 1, 2013.

Cruz will bring more than 20 years of radio broadcast experience to his new position at 95.7 KISS FM.  His love for radio started from watching the popular 1980’s television sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati and listening to Don Rose on the legendary KFRC.   As a teenager, he began mixing at house parties and later at nightclubs before landing his first radio gig at KSFM-FM in Sacramento. Cruz has been both an on-air talent and Program Director for the past 12 years.  He most recently served as Program Director at KKBB-FM in Bakersfield, where he led the station to ratings success since 2005.  Cruz also previously served as a board member for the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“I’ve crafted a definitive style within the Rhythmic AC format, one that has a Top 40 approach but doesn’t stray from what makes this format unique,” said Cruz.  “I can’t wait to bring this style and my desire to win to 95.7 KISS-FM and San Diego.”   

"Louie’s personal connection and successful track-record with the Rhythmic AC format are an ideal match for 95.7 KISS-FM," said John Peake, Vice President of Programming, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Diego.  "We’re excited to add Louie’s tremendous format experience, winning attitude and a great work ethic to San Diego’s hottest new radio station."

Fans can listen to 95.7 KISS FM from the station’s website,, as well as on iHeartRadio.comand the iHeartRadio mobile app, Clear Channel’s all-in-one free digital listening service. iHeartRadio delivers everything listeners want in one free, fully-integrated service: instant access to more than 1,500 of the nation’s most popular live broadcast and digital-only radio stations from 150 cities, plus user-created custom stations inspired by favorite artists and songs. iHeartRadio also offers listeners a new “Perfect For” feature which allows users to choose from thousands of curated stations based on a range of moods and activities.

About Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Diego:
Clear Channel San Diego owns and operates KBG-FM; KHTS-FM; KIOZ-FM; KLSD-AM; KMYI-FM; KOGO-AM; KSSX-FM and is part of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.   With 243 million monthly listeners in the U.S., Clear Channel Media and Entertainment has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America. Clear Channel Media and Entertainment serves 150 cities through 850 owned radio stations. The company’s radio stations and content can be heard on AM/FM stations, HD digital radio channels, Sirius/XM satellite, on the Internet at and on the company’s radio station websites, on the iHeartRadio mobile application on iPads and smartphones, and used via navigation systems from TomTom, Garmin and others. The company’s operations include radio broadcasting, online and mobile services and products, syndication, music research services and independent media representation.  Clear Channel Media and Entertainment is a division of CC Media Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: CCMO), a leading global media and entertainment company. More information on the company can be found at

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jagger & Kristi's Bucket List

By Joe Nelson

   Jagger & Kristi ask you what you want to cross off your Bucket List. 

   Recently they helped a lucky MAGIC listener cross off her dream to sing background for The Cover Girls at the MAGIC 92.5 Freestyle Explosion concert.

   See how Kim E Kim knocked everyone off her feet when she took over the show

   And here is the link to the Bucket list as well as photos of the event -

Mikey- Back On The Air

By Joe Nelson
   Mike Esparza, best known in San Diego for 'The Mikey Show' is stepping behind the mic again.
   Mikey tells SanDiegoRadio "I am the new host of 'Rock all Night', a syndicated rock show on Envisage Broadcasting."
   He adds "I am so excited to be back on the mic and in syndication! It's a whole new beginning and chapter in my life."
   Currently there are no stations in San Diego to air 'Rock all Night'. If/when that changes, SanDiegRadio will announce it. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesse Lozano and the Bacon Wedding

By Joe Nelson
   Star 94.1's Jesse Lozano officiated the "Bacon Wedding" at the Big Bite Bacon Festival on Sunday, June 16 at the San Diego County Fair.

More info here:


Loren Nancarrow is a Winner

By Joe Nelson
   The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) will honor TV's Loren Nancarrow on July 11, 2013 at their annual awards banquet held at the Bali Hai.
   SPJ will honor Loren as the 2013 San Diego Journalist of the Year, as well as other winners.
   Loren will give the keynote speech as longtime TV anchors Marty Levin and Carol LeBeau emcee the event.
For more information, you can visit the SPJ website HERE

Loren's blog can be found HERE

Thanks for tuning in!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Request for thoughts and Support

By Joe Nelson
   I was not sure if I should post this or not, but I do think it's important. Over the weekend, Coe Lewis' "match" lost his son unexpectedly.
   Mitch Rand's son, Shane, passed away Saturday. I do not want to get into too much detail, but I do know Coe and Mitch need your support, so I ask that you stop by their Facebook pages and show your love and support.
   I will provide more information if they want me to.

Coe Lewis' Facebook PAGE
Mitch Rand's Facebook PAGE


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

By Joe Nelson
   I just wanted to wish all my fellow fathers out there a huge HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
   I know being a dad is not easy, but having such a great father and role model, it does make the difficult times easier.
This is my dad, Darrel, and I
And me with my kids (and grandson)
Have a great day, my good radio friends!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Channel 933 at The Fair

By Joe Nelson

Channel 933 was broadcasting live today at The San Diego County Fair, and Nathan Fast opened the show. The crowd was FULL of SCREAMING girls, and Nathan did a great job getting them pumped up for the show! 

Special thanks to roving reporter Jennifer Douillard for the info!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May 2013 Ratings

By Joe Nelson

The following are the ratings for San Diego, May 2013:

Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio

Monday, June 10, 2013

KGB Listener Wins the Man Cave

By Joe Nelson
   This weekend, dozens upon dozens of listeners waited for their number to be called by Coe Lewis & Bob Buchmann to try their luck at selecting the ONE SPECIAL Cox remote that would fire up a TV and in turn win the ultimate Man Cave from 101.5 KGB.
(The eventual winner is seen here, in the Chargers shirt)
Coe Lewis, Brian Taylor, Clark Taylor, Mom & Bob Buchmann)
...and the goods!

Congratulations guys! Very cool!

FM 94/9's SOLD OUT SPF 94/9 Is A Complete Success

By Joe Nelson


San Diego, CA - Monday, June 10, 2013 - This past Saturday June 8th, 2013,  Matt & Kim, Capital Cities, Youngblood Hawke, Family of the Year, The Mowgli’s, The Palace Ballroom, and Soda Pants rocked the Junior Seau Amphitheatre in Oceanside, for FM 94/9’s SOLD OUT Sandy Parts Festival.  Seven bands on two stages, the FM 94/9 Main Stage and the Red Bull Tour Bus stage, provided the capacity crowd with a full day of fun and high energy music!

Presented by Bud Light and O.N.E. Coconut Water, this was the most successful SPF 94/9 show to date.  Fans were treated to interviews and meet and greets from all of the bands in attendance.  The FM 94/9 Main stage was a high energy affair all day featuring a crowd walking, high energy headlining set from Matt & Kim and a legendary, crowd surfing, frenzy inducing performance from Capital Cities.   UCSD Battle of the Bands kicked off the afternoon on the main stage and were followed by a revivalist set of up tempo, happy songs from The Mowgli’s.  The Red Bull Tour Bus Stage highlighted several up and coming bands such as Youngblood Hawke, Family of the Year, and local favorites The Palace Ballroom.

Spy Optics kept everyone in shades, while Razer provided all of the bands with cool headphones to take home.  Bull Taco kept the clients and bands fed with delicious tacos in the VIP section, with Bud Light and O.N.E. Coconut Water keeping everyone hydrated and feeling good!  
 Capital Cities
 The Mowglis - Meet & Greet

KBZT | FM 94/9 – It’s About The Music


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blood Drive Success

By Joe Nelson
   Saturday was the 5th annual "Bandit's Blood Drive" at San Diego Harley Davidson and it went off without a hitch.
Mark Shaffer, Chopper, Actor Mickey Jones, Bodie, Kristi Jagger & Mark Jagger

   Mark Shaffer and Chopper the biker dog hosted the event and had many special guests along the way, including Magic 92.5's Jagger & Kristi (with their dog Bodie), actor, musician, author Mickey Jones, music by the Jesse Cox Syn-Drum Band,  and a biker who was in an hit by a drunk driver last year and was literally decapitated, but the spine was kept intact. He needed blood and the San Diego Blood Bank was right there to provide for him. He was paralyzed for a while, but was able to get on stage and talk about the importance of giving blood. It was an amazing story. (Pictured Below)
   In the end, 120 pints of blood were raised and everyone involved seemed to have a fun afternoon, and all for a great cause.
   Mickey Jones said "Mark has helped me at so many of my events, the least I could do is come down and help with his great event" Mickey also tells SanDiegoRadio "By giving blood today, this probably saved three lives today, not a bad day"
Great job to Mark, and all of his volunteers. Thank you!
More photos available at SanDiegoRadio's Facebook Page HERE


Friday, June 7, 2013

5th Annual "Bandit's Blood Drive"

By Joe Nelson
   I am sure you have all seen Mark Shaffer, and his loyal friend "Chopper" out at many of your radio events, he is without a doubt one of radio's best friends.
   Today, Mark and Chopper will host the "5th Annual Bandit's Blood Drive", a drive to benefit the San Diego Blood Bank. Chopper is Mark's "Biker Dog" as Bandit passed away on December 19, 2008.
   There will be BBQ food, Second Chance Dog Rescue, a jumpy house for the kids and much more.
   Also on hand will be actor, author, musician, biker Mickey Jones to support the event. If this wasn't enough, all donors will receive a ticket for a FREE tour around the bay from Hornblower Cruises!

Here is the information, and SanDiegoRadio hopes to see you out there!

5th Annual "Bandit's Blood Drive"
Saturday June 8, 2013

San Diego Harley Davidson
5600 Kearney Mesa Rd.
San Diego, CA 92111

The event Facebook page can be found HERE

Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sarah Beebe - Five Tool Talent

By Joe Nelson
   Sarah Beebe, Morning Show Producer for 101.5 KGB's Bob & Coe Show as well as doing weekends on Channel 933 will add another task to her daily duties... Starting Monday, Sarah will provide News & Celebrity News with Chio in the Mornings on 95.7 KISS FM.

   Congratulations, Sarah!

Thanks for tuning in to

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

107.9 The Mountain Talks MLB Draft and More

By Joe Nelson

   Tomorrow is the big day for collegiate baseball players across the country, and for at least one ballplayer from San Diego especially, the expectations are very high to be picked in the 2013 MLB Baseball Draft.
   Kris Bryant from USD (1B, 3B) is projected my many nationally to be picked in the top 5, or even at the #3 spot by the Colorado Rockies as suggested HERE by

   Kris will be on the air prior to the draft ONLY on San Diego's KRLY 107.9 The Mountain at 2:30, Thursday afternoon with Jack Murray on his show "Sports Slam" that airs 2-4PM.
   Following the draft, Steve Dolan will cover the first round of the draft at 6PM. Steve will also talk high school baseball, Padres and Chargers.

Listen in at and of course at 107.9 FM.

Thanks for tuning in to SanDiegoRadio

An Article Worth Sharing

By Joe Nelson
   There are times when I feel it important to share articles others have written. SanDiegoRadio is built to relay important information in the industry, highlight those who make the gears turn, and help promote this beautiful thing we call radio. Having said that, I have no problem sharing the works of others when I find articles as great as this one.
   This comes from and the author, Fred Jacobs, tells of the current state of radio, and that of its digital competitors. He really hits the nail on the head on many issues radio is facing, but in turn offers suggestions on how to return terrestrial radio to its rightful place, at the top.
   There is even a local tie-in with mention of San Diego radio veteran, Mike Halloran, of 91X.

   I welcome you to visit this great article right HERE

Thanks for tuning in to

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

KFMB Information on Lineup Changes

By Joe Nelson
   As 760 KFMB AM's new morning show, Armstrong & Getty began their run yesterday, SanDiegoRadio is providing their new website link and the station's new lineup.

KFMB website for Armstrong & Getty
Armstrong & Getty's official website is HERE
Armstrong & Getty's Facebook page is HERE

Thanks for tuning in to