Z90 Morning Show Hunt is On

By Joe Nelson

Jammin' Z90 (XHTZ) Morning show host Tati is leaving us to kick ass in a major market (details on THAT later!)  It's a great move and we're really happy for her! 
So now, Jammin' Z90 is on the hunt for its next superstar morning show!  Be an awesome one-man (or woman) show, be an already assembled group of cast members, be married in-bred cousins, just be AWESOME!  We are NOT looking for a "jock" or liner reader, but a real PERSONALITY who can shake things up while delivering A+ content and wants to work for one of the hottest stations in the country...and hey, the city ain't too shabby either!  We're independently owned and operated and make all decisions locally and still believe in great radio!  The lights are still on here, and the station vehicle does NOT stay in the parking lot.  This is truly still a "fun" radio job with a winning team.  Come win with us!

Send audio and resume to: localmediasd@gmail.com  Absolutely no calls, please.

R Dub!
Director of Programming


Carl Starrett said…
Well, they haven't said no yet!

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