Pala Rez Radio Going Strong

By Joe Nelson
   From John Fox of Pala Rez Radio in North County:

I was just browsing through the live stream reports and realized that we’re showing some major growth with our web and phone audience.  Maybe there is something to the idea held by some media watchers that radio is changing from a broadcast medium to just another of many data delivery options like Pandora, Netflix and who-knows-what next week.

Rez Radio’s streaming cume … the total number of visitors who streamed the station … has increased 20% in the last four months.  The number of unique listeners has increased over 15% in the same time period.  Taken together that means that more people are listening to our stream and they’re listening more often.  Monthly streams to mobile devices outnumber web streams 10 to 1.  But only by about 2 to 1 when it comes to time spent listening.

Demographic information is gathered only from those stream listeners who register with iHeartRadio, which is somewhere between half and 2/3rds of all stream listeners.  The split between male and female listeners is almost 50-50.  Less than a point separate the two.  Our strongest market is L.A., which has doubled in four months.  San Francisco and New York are tied for 2ndmost listeners.  But the 2nd most hours-listened honors go to Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.  We have significant showings in other parts of Florida, Texas and about a dozen other cities.  The average age for a Rez Radio stream listener is 38.

Pala Rez Radio streams live 24-hours a day on iHeartRadio at


David in Long Beach said…
To John Fox - I'm one of those who is out of your signal's reach but listen in on iHeart from time to time. Most commercial broadcasters are not that interested in non-local listeners as they cannot monetize them. What is the business case for KOPA with us non-local listeners?

Also, I was at Pala Casino last weekend and did not see any signage about KOPA, and completely forgot, as a result, to tune in while I was there. Any chance to create some exposure literature for that large population audience, that might tune you in at the pool or in the parking garage there?
John Fox said…
David, thanks for your interest in Rez Radio and for listening to our stream. We're a fairly unique station in many ways. For one thing, our primary mission is to be THE source of information for the community of Pala in case of emergency. We were created in response to the mess Pala found itself in during the 2007 fires. While we're waiting for that emergency to occur, we try to be as culturally relevant to the Pala tribe as possible, and if nothing else, then at least entertaining with things you don't hear other places. But talk and produced programming is expensive and requires lots of production time. We only have one full time employee ... me. So, we fill up our 24 hour a day schedule with as many different kinds of music and other low cost, low maintenance programming as possible. The music is chosen based on a compatible mix of genres popular with tribal members surveyed. We stream as a convenience to members of the tribe who don't live on the reservation. Our iHeartRadio stream came about over a casual conversation with an old friend at Clear Channel. We already had our own in-house 128k mp3 stream. iHeart just seemed like a more user friendly and well-promoted way to make us easy to find for those that wished to listen off-Rez. That people like you have found and enjoy what we do is a bonus for everyone involved. As for marketing, at this point, it's not necessary to the mission of the station. And it's definitely not in the budget. Most of the top stations in LA and San Diego spend more in one day running their operations than our budget for the entire year. But we do plan a little bit of signage around town next year. As for the casino, they've not seen value in investing in Rez Radio through underwriting of our programming. When I have time and budget, I plan to see what I can do about maybe getting us on a closed circuit TV channel in the hotel and possibly some signage. Thanks again for your comments. Stop by next time you're in Pala.

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