An Editor's Letter to Loren Nancarrow

By Joe Nelson
   I have lived in San Diego my entire life. I have seen many members of the media come and go. It's all part of the business. Then there are times when someone hangs it up ahead way of schedule.
   Such is the case in my opinion for Loren Nancarrow. I cannot think of many other people on TV or radio who, while watching or listening, projected his love and devotion to his craft. When Loren spoke of his gardening tips, or whatever the subject may be, you knew he was passionate... and this city, literally and figuratively, was all the better for it!
   Loren has been running a blog since his brain tumor surgery, chronicling his experiences and adventures. The most recent one is what sparked this article. Titled "The Sign Off", Loren announces he is retiring from TV news. But being Loren, it is very positive and upbeat. No surprise there.

   Loren, I wish you all the best for your future, and thank you for being YOU. I appreciate all the memories you gave me growing up watching you doing your thing. I enjoy reading your blog, and am happy every time you have a new entry.

You can read his story HERE



Loren Nancarrow said…
Thank you for this kind tribute Joe. I truly appreciate it.

Chet Carney said…
He would not write it if you were not worth it.
Chet Carney said…
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James Pere said…
I fully understand your decision to retire from broadcasting, Loren, but will miss you as the anchor of the FOX5 evening news. I'm probably 12-15 years your senior but I too remember all your years as a member of the SD media. Like me, there comes a time to "hang 'em up" and now you're off to explore the next exciting phase of your life. Best wishes for the future and I assure you I'll continue to follow your and Hannah's blogs.
Jim Pere
Jeff said…
Thanks for the nice note about Loren Joe. We will miss him on the Tube that's for sure!

At least we can still enjoy his wit, knowledge and friendship thru his blog & Facebook. You know they always say to "see you on the other side; well I am glad to still see Loren on any side he decides..

"Stay Composted Loren"

Joe Nelson said…
Thanks for the kind words, Loren. Have a great evening!

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