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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bree Walker Joins The Mountain

By Joe Nelson
   This just in... Longtime San Diego TV personality Bree Walker joins the growing team at 107.9 The Mountain.
   The former Channel 10 anchor, who also worked in Los Angeles and New York and was married to sportscaster Jim Lampley.
   Walker will start at The Mountain on June 29 and will air the last Saturday of each month from 6-7PM. Her public affairs show will be titled "Common Cause With Bree Walker"
   SanDiegoRadio has reached out for comments from Bree and will publish when received.
   You can read more on The Mountain's website HERE


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clint's Tech Tuesday

By Joe Nelson
   Every Tuesday, 101.5 KGB's Clint August and Mark Baker share tech tips via Clint's WEBSITE offering up plenty of information in today's technology-driven world.
   This week they discuss "Desk Share", a great program used for sharing anything on your computer. It's a great program!

   For more information and great topics, check out Clint's page right HERE. And Mark Baker's very informative tech site can be found HERE


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All is Quiet on the Radio Front

By Joe Nelson

   Well, long time no read! Due to the holiday weekend, attending some personal matters and frankly, nothing really happening in radio, there has not been much to print.
   I am still waiting for the go ahead to disclose the Dave & Jeff news. I will be at The San Diego County Fair's Media Night this Friday. I'd be happy to see you there.
   Let me know if you need/have anything!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day

By Joe Nelson

I am proud to be a native San Diegan. I am more proud of those who have served to protect my city, and my country. Being a military town, this is an even more important weekend. Thanks to all who have served, who have died defending our freedoms, and those who are training for the future. THANK YOU for all you do!

Friday, May 24, 2013

KOGO and Fisher House

For Memorial Day our wounded military heroes and their families. Newsradio 600 KOGO's Chip and LaDona are raising needed money for the Fisher House program which builds homes and provides free housing to families of our wounded military heroes including homes in San Diego. Hope you can help. To donate, just go the KOGO website at

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sherry Knight is a Star

By Joe Nelson
   Sherry Knight, who just recently left Magic 92.5, has signed on at Star 94.1 AND KISS 95.7.
 In an interview with SanDiegoRadio, Sherry says "I get to do what I love on two stations now!!!"

   Sherry will start this weekend on both stations, and on Monday she will take the mic on Star from 8-midnight.
   The shift for KISS will be announced later.

Congrats, Sherry!


Pala Rez Radio Going Strong

By Joe Nelson
   From John Fox of Pala Rez Radio in North County:

I was just browsing through the live stream reports and realized that we’re showing some major growth with our web and phone audience.  Maybe there is something to the idea held by some media watchers that radio is changing from a broadcast medium to just another of many data delivery options like Pandora, Netflix and who-knows-what next week.

Rez Radio’s streaming cume … the total number of visitors who streamed the station … has increased 20% in the last four months.  The number of unique listeners has increased over 15% in the same time period.  Taken together that means that more people are listening to our stream and they’re listening more often.  Monthly streams to mobile devices outnumber web streams 10 to 1.  But only by about 2 to 1 when it comes to time spent listening.

Demographic information is gathered only from those stream listeners who register with iHeartRadio, which is somewhere between half and 2/3rds of all stream listeners.  The split between male and female listeners is almost 50-50.  Less than a point separate the two.  Our strongest market is L.A., which has doubled in four months.  San Francisco and New York are tied for 2ndmost listeners.  But the 2nd most hours-listened honors go to Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.  We have significant showings in other parts of Florida, Texas and about a dozen other cities.  The average age for a Rez Radio stream listener is 38.

Pala Rez Radio streams live 24-hours a day on iHeartRadio at

A Mountain of a Show

By Joe Nelson
   Tonight should be one heck of a show up on The Mountain. The Alpine station will host local sports talk show host Jeff Dotseth and the Associated Press' Bernie Wilson.

   Host Steve Dolan will be on the air from 6-7PM on 'Dolan's Dugout'.

You can catch it online as well at


Monday, May 20, 2013

Bill Pugh Lands at KFOG

By Joe Nelson
   Congratulations to Bill Pugh as he accepts the position of Operations Manager at KFOG in the Bay Area.

   Bill will also oversee KSAN and will be Program Director at KFOG.


Kelly Danek - May 2013 Spotlight

By Joe Nelson
   The May 2013 edition of the SanDiegoRadio Spotlight is on Kelly Danek, who just recently moved over to the Lincoln Financial Media building with Smooth 98.1, FM 94/9 & KSON 97.3. Kelly is a multi-talented individual whose hard work is really paying dividends now.
And now, on to the interview...
Joe Nelson: Hello, Kelly, thanks for taking the time for SanDiegoRadio's Spotlight.. featuring YOU! Kelly, what is your current *new* position?
Kelly Danek: KIFM, KBZT & KSON, A.M. & P.M. Drive (some may call it split shift; I call it a 6 hour lunch break). I am doing traffic for the three stations, plus news in the morning on KIFM with Greg Cook. Then a jock shift on KIFM on Saturdays from 3-7PM.
JN: What are your favorite parts of the job?
KD: Mornings with Greg Cook on KIFM, I also love my new Lincoln Financial Media family.

JN: Who are your all time favorite musical artists?
KD: Steely Dan, Bobby Caldwell, and Pat Metheny
JN: And your current favorite?
KD: Snow Patrol
JN: Tell me about your personal side, Kelly
KD: I have been married to my architect husband for almost 25 years. We have 5 dogs. We live in a remodeled (by my husband) 1924 California Bungalow in Hillcrest.

JN: What are your favorite restaurants?
KD: Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale, AZ. RK Sushi, Cucina Urbana, Beau Bo, Po Pazzo, The Fish Market Downtown, Old Town Mexican Cafe, and Brazen BBQ
JN: What are your movie interests?
KD: The Descendants, Something's Gotta Give, The Fisher King, Silence of the Lambs, Steel Magnolias, Thelma and Louise, He's Just Not That Into You, Almost Famous, The Breakfast Club, The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction, 9 1/2 Weeks, Gone with the Wind, -and my Holiday season is not complete without It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas Story, Charlie Brown Christmas & A Christmas Carol (with Alastair Sim)

JN: Do you have any hobbies?
KD: I'm a magazine junkie- I subscribe to about 10, most of which have to do with food. That said, I love cooking & entertaining. I enjoy yard sales and antiquing. Computer games are a guilty pleasure. I also do some writing, but not consistently. I have participated in 2 consecutive "40 Days of Writing" projects, all of which can be found here:

JN: What are your favorite parts of the city?
KD: My Hillcrest neighborhood, San Diego Bay & Little Italy
JN: Is there anything else you'd like to share?
KD: I've been Broadcasting for almost 14 years, and have been a Voiceover Artist (both straight and characters) since 1990. One of my favorite things to do is hang out with friends on my front terrace, enjoying cocktail & appetizers/antipasti. I try and avoid toxic people, choosing instead to surround myself with people who not only make me feel good, but that are good for me.

Thanks Kelly, that was very informative, and fun!
You can catch Kelly right HERE at Smooth FM

See you next month for the June Spotlight edition. Here are some more photos of Kelly.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Phil Farrar Duels with his Daughter

By Joe Nelson
   While he is taking a break from broadcasting sports, national award winning broadcast journalist Phil Farrar and his daughter found some time to duel while fencing at Team Touché. 

   Farrar says, "I love playing, watching, reporting and broadcasting all types of of sports." Phil says baseball is still his favorite.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

SanDiegoRadio Job Board

By Joe Nelson

   THREE job postings today! Good luck!

   San Diego’s heritage Magic 92.5 has the career opportunity for an experienced, Music Director.
The qualified candidates will:
·        Have passion for the format and lives the Magic 92.5 Lifestyle
·        Strong knowledge and experience with NexGen and Selector
·        Analyze and utilize programming-related research programs such as PPM and Call Out
·        Awareness of trends in the format and in the Radio Broadcast industry
·        Respect the heritage and culture of the Magic 92.5 Brand
·        Comprehends and promotes Digital Media and has blogging experience
·        Ability to complete assigned tasks and execute directives from Program Director

To apply, send cover letter and resume to No phone calls, please.


   Local Media San Diego is looking for on on-air board operator:
The qualified candidates will:
•Operate broadcast console
•Read and follow format log and play the correct spots and station ID’s at the appropriate times
•Operate faders, monitor audio levels, and segue music – ensure the music is tight.
•Board ops will need to show up 30 minutes prior to live broadcast to check in and make sure studio is set up for broadcast
•Communicate effectively with program directors.  Other duties may be assigned
•May help administer contests, answer listener phone calls, screen listener calls for live shows.
•Board operators may also be responsible for monitoring additional radio stations simultaneously.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to No phone calls, please.

   We have an immediate opening for a morning show host or assembled morning show at Jammin' Z90 (XHTZ).

Jammin' Z90 is on the hunt for its next superstar morning show!
We are looking for an awesome one-man (or woman) show, or an already assembled group of cast members…. just be AWESOME!
We are NOT looking for a "jock" or liner reader, but a real PERSONALITY who can shake things up while delivering A+ content and wants to work for one of the hottest stations in the country.
We're independently owned and operated and make all decisions locally and still believe in great radio!   The lights are still on here, and the station vehicles DO NOT stay in the parking lot.
This is truly still a "fun" radio job with a winning team.
Qualifications should include On Air experience, have a passion for the format and live the lifestyle, experience with On Air Board, experience with NexGen a plus, but not required, communicate effectively with listeners through Social Media and understands how to blog on our websites.
Come win with us!

Please send resume and demo to  We offer a competitive benefits package.  Absolutely no phone calls please.

Again, good luck!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Editor's Letter to Loren Nancarrow

By Joe Nelson
   I have lived in San Diego my entire life. I have seen many members of the media come and go. It's all part of the business. Then there are times when someone hangs it up ahead way of schedule.
   Such is the case in my opinion for Loren Nancarrow. I cannot think of many other people on TV or radio who, while watching or listening, projected his love and devotion to his craft. When Loren spoke of his gardening tips, or whatever the subject may be, you knew he was passionate... and this city, literally and figuratively, was all the better for it!
   Loren has been running a blog since his brain tumor surgery, chronicling his experiences and adventures. The most recent one is what sparked this article. Titled "The Sign Off", Loren announces he is retiring from TV news. But being Loren, it is very positive and upbeat. No surprise there.

   Loren, I wish you all the best for your future, and thank you for being YOU. I appreciate all the memories you gave me growing up watching you doing your thing. I enjoy reading your blog, and am happy every time you have a new entry.

You can read his story HERE


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April Ratings

By Joe Nelson
The following are the ratings for San Diego, April 2013:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

UPDATED: The 'Mighty' Aztecs

By Joe Nelson
See below for update.
The SDSU Aztecs will be moving from KOGO to The Mighty 1090 after Learfield Sports excersized an opt-out clause in the current contract extension.
   Considering 1090 already holds the rights to the Padres and the USD Toreros, 1090, 1700, and even 105.7 could be getting quite the work-out.

Press Release from The Mighty 1090:


SAN DIEGO, Calif. (May 13, 2013) – San Diego State Athletics and its exclusive multimedia rights holder, Aztec Sports Properties, announced today that a four-year agreement has been reached between San Diego-based BCA Radio and its stations The Mighty 1090 AM, 105.7 FM The Walrus and 1700 AM ESPN Radio.
            Beginning with the 2013-’14 athletic season, terms of the agreement call for The Mighty 1090 to air all football, men’s basketball, select women’s basketball and baseball games, and one-hour seasonal coaches’ shows.  Additionally, 105.7 The Walrus will air all nighttime games and any Aztec game that conflicts with the San Diego Padres. Various broadcasts dedicated to SDSU Athletics and increased promotional opportunities for SDSU Athletics are other highlights of the deal.  Aztec Sports Properties, a property of Learfield Sports, oversees all aspects of the Aztec Sports Network.
             “We appreciate the opportunity to return to The Mighty 1090 and create a new partnership 105.7 The Walrus and BCA Radio,” said San Diego State Director of Athletics Jim Sterk.  “They have outstanding coverage and programming to follow.”  
            “We’re happy that The Mighty 1090 and 105.7 The Walrus will serve as our new radio home for the Aztec Sports Network in San Diego,” said Aztec Sports Properties’ General Manager Jeff Bolitho.  “The Mighty 1090 is a 50,000-watt AM station with a sports format.  It will be a great fit for Aztec fans and alumni.”
BCA Radio’s Vice President, Market Manager Norm Feuer commented, “As San Diego's sports leader, we are ecstatic to be the NEW broadcast home of the San Diego State Aztecs.  Local sports truly means something in San Diego, and now our community can follow every Aztec pass, basket, and touchdown on our AM and FM stations.  We are proud and honored to be their partners.  Go Aztecs!”
San Diego State is wrapping up its most successful athletic season in school history. Last fall, the football team claimed its 19th conference championship and is one of only two schools in the state to play in a bowl game each of the last three seasons. The men’s basketball program posted its eight consecutive 20-win season and is one of 17 schools in the country to play in each of the last four NCAA tournaments.

Overall, the Aztecs have won a school-record 11 Mountain West Conference team championships this season and have 17 league team titles since the beginning of 2012 calendar year.
In addition to San Diego State, Learfield Sports manages multimedia rights and sponsorship for more than 50 collegiate institutions and associations and titles the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup.  The company also provides exclusive sports programming to more than 1,100 radio stations throughout the country.  For learn more about Learfield’s 40-year history and complete collegiate portfolio, visit
Broadcast Company of the Americas (BCA) operates the Mighty 1090-AM Sports, 105.7-FM “The Walrus”, ESPN 1700-AM & is the also the flagship broadcaster of the San Diego Padres! BCA & Compass Radio of San Diego (KPRI-FM) represent the stations to the advertising community, under the umbrella name, “Radio San Diego”. The Mighty 1090-AM’s 50,000 watt signal effectively reaches all of Southern California.


Sherry Knight leaves Magic

By Joe Nelson
   As Sherry Knight has exited Magic 92.5, where does that lead her next?
   Sherry announced via her Facebook page last week she has decided to leave Magic and will announce soon her next stop.
   SanDiegoRadio will have the scoop as soon as it comes available.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where will Dave and Jeff Land?

By Joe Nelson
   Last night SanDiegoRadio received word that the long time team of Dave Palet and Jeff Dotseth will pair up again on a new venture.

   While the details cannot be revealed yet, there are still t's to be dotted and i's to be crossed, by all accounts this appears to be a pretty big deal. The only information to be divulged is that this will be a national show.
   Dave and Jeff were last heard on XX 1090 (now The Mighty 1090) and have been waiting for just the right opportunity to come along. It seems it has.
   Keep it tuned to as we will have the details as soon as it can be announced.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dave and Jeff Deal in the Works

Details coming here soon. But Dave Palet and Jeff Dotseth are going to be back on the air. According to Dotseth's Tweet, this time it's national!

SanDiegoRadio has been told it will have the news first, so stay tuned!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Is Rush's Show Near the End?

By Joe Nelson
   Is the relationship between Rush Limbaugh and Cumulus Media nearing an end?
   In this article sent to me by one of my roving reporters, it details some very interesting information regarding his show and the ad revenue.

Rush is currently heard locally from 9-12 M-F, and Saturdays 12-3 on  News Radio 600 KOGO

You can read the article HERE


Saturday, May 4, 2013

KissFM fills Nighttime Slot

By Joe Nelson

   SanDiegoRadio congratulates Sean Sarille on snagging the 7-Midnight shift at 95.7 KISS-FM San Diego. Sean starts this Monday.
Nice job, Sean!


SanDiegoRadio at Old Town's Cinco de Mayo

By Joe Nelson

   SanDiegoRadio was in Old Town this morning taking in all the Cinco de Mayo festivities. I found some radio stations there!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Shotgun

By Joe Nelson
   This great photo is from Shotgun Tom Kelly's dinner following his Star ceremony. Taken at Canters Deli. (Photo courtesy of Alan Connell, via Norm Jacobovitz)

Radio and Cinco de Mayo

By Joe Nelson
   This weekend the mariachis will be out in full force and the margaritas will be flowing like a river in Old Town San Diego.
   San Diego radio stations seem to be ever present in the historical part of town, kicking off Friday with Chris Merrill's (KOGO) "Fiesta Cinco de Merrill" held at Cafe Coyote. Merrill will do his entire 3-7 show from the patio of the restaurant.
   SanDiegoRadio will be there for the festivities most of the weekend. Will you?


See you there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Z90 Morning Show Hunt is On

By Joe Nelson

Jammin' Z90 (XHTZ) Morning show host Tati is leaving us to kick ass in a major market (details on THAT later!)  It's a great move and we're really happy for her! 
So now, Jammin' Z90 is on the hunt for its next superstar morning show!  Be an awesome one-man (or woman) show, be an already assembled group of cast members, be married in-bred cousins, just be AWESOME!  We are NOT looking for a "jock" or liner reader, but a real PERSONALITY who can shake things up while delivering A+ content and wants to work for one of the hottest stations in the country...and hey, the city ain't too shabby either!  We're independently owned and operated and make all decisions locally and still believe in great radio!  The lights are still on here, and the station vehicle does NOT stay in the parking lot.  This is truly still a "fun" radio job with a winning team.  Come win with us!

Send audio and resume to:  Absolutely no calls, please.

R Dub!
Director of Programming