Officer Phil 'Takes Off' on a New Job

By Joe Nelson

   I wanted to share the good news that 'Officer Phil' Konstantin has landed a job! Phil (and his pilot Ruben Campos) were relived of their positions January 31 at KGTV TV.

   I will let Phil's Facebook post tell the story:
Good news! I've got a new job.

Starting tomorrow, I go to work for Total Traffic (TT). In a few days, I will be taking over the early morning shift in Chopper 8. Chopper 8 is now doing airborne video (or Electronic News Gathering) for ALL of the major (and most of the minor) TV stations in San Diego. TT is the company which provides this service. While you will be able to see my video on most local stations, you will only be able to hear me on KFMB TV. I'll be working from 4:45am to 11:45am. With KFMB doing traffic every 10 minutes from 4:50 to 6:50, that is going to be a lot of reports. Throw in some breaking news, and I might be on quite a bit.

TT is the inheritor of several other traffic reporting services. There is no more Shadow, Airwatch or Metro. They have all merged or been bought out. Having worked at all three of the previously mentioned companies, this is in all practical sense a rehire. In fact, while I was at KUSI, I really worked for Metro.

So, stay tuned ......... :-)

Phil Konstantin

Congratulations Phil!


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