Lenny Bee, In His Own Words

By Joe Nelson

   Lenny Bee, formerly of KIFM, contacted SanDiegoRadio.org to discuss his departure from Smooth 98.1/Lincoln Financial Media.

   On March 19th, 2013, I chose to end my employment with 98.1 Smooth FM at Lincoln Financial Media, San Diego. I decided not to agree to the terms of the employment contract being offered.
   I have worked closely with Program Director Mike Vasquez, most recently, revamping the entire station, taking KIFM back to its rightful place as a strong competitor in the market. I enjoyed the process and I feel fortunate that I was able to do it with good friends at KIFM. My employment there has allowed me to flourish as morning show host and on-air talent while simultaneously balancing roles as a producer, imaging director, creative services director, social media director, and event host.
   I enjoyed working with the entire San Diego Lincoln Financial Media staff. I learned a lot from some of the most talented and skilled professionals in the industry.
   I am excited about the open road before me and I am looking forward to continuing my media/broadcast career in San Diego.

Lenny, thank you for taking the time for this. I know you are well respected in the radio community, and I am sure your talents will find you working again very soon.

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