KCBQ Flashback

By Joe Nelson
   23 years ago yesterday, on March 1, 1990, the greatest reunion in San Diego radio history took place at the San Diego Mission Valley Marriott. It was the KCBQ Reunion, featuring the radio personalities from 1955-1990 that made KCBQ one of the iconic radio stations in the country. The driving force behind this reunion was Sonny West, who was the Program Director of KCBQ at the time. 
   You can listen to an aircheck of The KCBQ Reunion at www.mandmsgroovytrip.podbean.com as part of "Mark's Groovy Airchecks" on the "Mark's Groovy Trip" site. Featured in the reunion: Charlie & Harrigan, Phil Flowers, Sonny West, Russ Wittberger, Harry "Happy Hare" Martin, Ralph James, Jack Vincent, Ken Copper, "Shadoe" Jackson, Gary Allyn, Jack Hayes, Don Howard, Neilson Ross, "Shotgun Tom" Kelly, Dino Matela, Tony Maddox, Chuck "Magic" Christian, Mason Dixon, Bill Moffitt, Steve Goddard, "Rich Brother" Robbin, Gene Knight, Brian White, Dave Conley, Jerry G. Bishop, Lenny Mitchell and Linda Fox. Enjoy listening to radio history!

Thanks for tuning in!
Joe Nelson


travelhubradio said…
I remember being there! I was in my first year in San Diego and at San Diego State. I think I went by myself and it was so much fun! It was the "first" time I met Shotgun Tom. While we don't officially know each other, we have met at least three other times since then. Having grown up in North-Central California, but having grandparents who had lived here since 1977, I was familiar with some of the KCBQ greats. I also worked for Tony Maddox briefly at Z-90 in 1989 so I was familiar with him and some of the greats through him. It would be so nice to arrange another one, maybe in 2 years at the 25th anniversary of this one. A pleasure to know that a few of these people are still around!

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