By Joe Nelson

FM 94/9 SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL Coachella Weekends
San Diego, CA – Monday, March 18, 2013 - FM 94/9 announced the grand prize winner for the "FM 94/9 MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA CAMPING TRIP" this morning (Monday, March 23) at 8:30am. Amber Aldridge has been named the lucky winner to receive 10 wristbands to Coachella 2013, FREE Camping at Oasis Palm RV Park, $1,000.32 in spending cash, $800 in camping gear, $100 gas card and a brand new iPad!

FM 94/9 also revealed the next phase to their Coachella promotions: "FM 94/9 SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA WEEKENDS". Every weekend between now and Coachella, FM 94/9 listeners can qualify to win a "SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA LUXURY RV CAMPING TRIP" that includes

-4 wristbands to Coachella 2013
-Luxury RV camping provided by Emerald Deserts RV Resort
-Free Apollo RV rental
-$100 gas card
- and a brand new iPad

As a bonus, FM 94/9 is also giving out COACHELLA WRISTBANDS at "Honest Tea Random Acts of Kindness" at various Sprouts locations in San Diego during FM 94/9 SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA WEEKENDS, starting Friday, March 29.

For all the details go to

KBZT - FM 94/9


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