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Sunday, March 31, 2013

KOGO Host on Wife Swap

By Joe Nelson
   Recently KOGO got some national publicity as part time fill-in host Gina Loudon was featured on ABC's "Wife Swap".
Note the former '95.7 FM' on the wall
   Loudon, a journalist, author and Tea Party activist, who with her husband, former Missouri Senator John Loudon, moved to San Diego along with their five kids and chose to go on the show to dispel the stereotype of conservatives.
   Loudon was paired with a family in New York whose household was the father (a wrestler and warehouse worker), his kids, and an actual girlfriend of the parents! 

The ending features quite a surprising twist.

You can see the full episode HERE


Ken Kramer - SanDiegoRadio Spotlight

By Joe Nelson
   There is a bit of a twist on this March edition of SanDiegoRadio's Spotlight. We all know Ken Kramer for his great TV show, About San Diego. But his background in radio is quite impressive.
   Ken is a fourth-generation, Native San Diegan. Graduated from SDSU in 1974 while in 1972, About San Diego aired on KPBS for a 30 minute show. It was first on TV in 1979 on KPBS.
   From 1984 to 1996 it was a radio segment on KOGO seven days a week. From 2006 to 2009 it aired on NBC San Diego and moved to KPBS-TV in 2010.
   Ken's affinity for radio stems from his early work at Pasadena City College where he held the position of Student Program Director and later when he was at SDSU he became the Studio Operator of (what is now) KPBS Radio.

And now.... to the Spotlight:
Joe Nelson: Ken, thanks for taking the time for this Spotlight. I know the readers will enjoy this, as you are such a fixture in San Diego. So what are you doing currently?
Ken Kramer: I am currently at KPBS-TV with 'About San Diego'

JN: What is your position with KPBS-TV/About San Diego?
KK: I am the writer and storyteller for the show.

JN: Ken, who is your all time favorite musical artist?
KK: Doc Watson

JN: Who would you say is your favorite current-day artist?
KK: Alison Krauss

JN: Where is your favorite place to eat?
KK: Urban Solace, off of University in San Diego

JN: Ken, what are your movie interests?
KK: I like historical biographies and am a sucker for a good romantic comedy

JN: Do you have any hobbies?
KK: I enjoy racquetball and amateur radio

JN: What is your favorite part of San Diego, Ken?
KK: La Mesa

JN: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
KK: I have the best job anywhere, and I love it!

Please visit the 'About San Diego' website HERE to see full episodes.

Ken Kramer's website can be found HERE (It has an online store with great stuff. I bought a neat coffee mug there)

Ken, thanks for your time, and keep up the great work on your show. Even as a native San Diegan, I have learned so much from About San Diego alone!

Thanks for tuning in.

Ruben Campos hired at KFMB-TV 8

By Joe Nelson
   Two weeks after 'Officer Phil' Konstantin landed a job in Chopper 8, his trusty pilot Ruben Campos is hired on and the two are reunited to cover traffic and breaking news (ENG Electronic News Gathering) in San Diego.
Ruben piloting 'Sky 10'
   Ruben says he studied all last week in preparation for the interview held Saturday in Van Nuys, CA. Ruben was interviewed by a very well known pilot and stuntman Rick Avery. Avery has done work in such films as The Dark Knight Rises, Men in Black III, and Anchorman.
Rick Avery and Ruben Campos

Congratulations, Ruben. Great to see incredibly talented people like you and Phil in the air again!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

February Ratings

By Joe Nelson
   Apologies for the delay, lots of moving parts trying to settle here. March will be on time.

The following are the ratings for San Diego, March 2013:

Thanks for tuning in to

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Big Apple Gets a Big Mouth

By Joe Nelson

   KOGO's Chris Merrill will be filling in for John and Ken on WOR New York tonight 6-8 local time. And again all next week, April 1 through April 5. Merrill can be heard locally M-F 3-7 on AM 600 KOGO.
WOR 710 New York's website can be found HERE

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Switch Party' With ENERGY

By Joe Nelson

From ENERGY 103.7's Hula Ramos:

San Diego’s New Energy 103.7 thanks you for “Making the Switch”! Come to our exclusive Switch Party featuring a DJ set and special performance from Icona Pop, Saturday, March 30th at Ivy Nightclub, inside the Andaz San Diego - downtown.
All week long we’ll be getting you on the Guest List which guarantees your entrance to the party until 11pm. After that, a cover charge kicks in so get there EARLY! Choose to valet or park street side.
Can’t wait to win your way in? CLICK HERE to get on the list(first come first serve). And stick around after the special Icona Pop performance because the Andaz turns into an after-party with 2 live DJs and drink specials. This is a 21+ event. See you there!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lenny Bee, In His Own Words

By Joe Nelson

   Lenny Bee, formerly of KIFM, contacted to discuss his departure from Smooth 98.1/Lincoln Financial Media.

   On March 19th, 2013, I chose to end my employment with 98.1 Smooth FM at Lincoln Financial Media, San Diego. I decided not to agree to the terms of the employment contract being offered.
   I have worked closely with Program Director Mike Vasquez, most recently, revamping the entire station, taking KIFM back to its rightful place as a strong competitor in the market. I enjoyed the process and I feel fortunate that I was able to do it with good friends at KIFM. My employment there has allowed me to flourish as morning show host and on-air talent while simultaneously balancing roles as a producer, imaging director, creative services director, social media director, and event host.
   I enjoyed working with the entire San Diego Lincoln Financial Media staff. I learned a lot from some of the most talented and skilled professionals in the industry.
   I am excited about the open road before me and I am looking forward to continuing my media/broadcast career in San Diego.

Lenny, thank you for taking the time for this. I know you are well respected in the radio community, and I am sure your talents will find you working again very soon.

Thanks for tuning in to

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sam Bass - 35 Years

By Joe Nelson

   SanDiegoRadio wishes KyXy's Sam Bass a HUGE congratulations on his 35th anniversary today! Sam has been in the KyXy for the entire thirty five years! I think that has to be some kind of record.

   Sam, you are an institution in this town, and certainly hope you will be on another 35 years. You are a favorite with both the listeners and your radio peers as well.

Thanks for being in San Diego, Sam.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Greener is Back!

By Joe Nelson
   One of the the (in the writer's opinion) GREAT guys in radio is back on the air! Gene 'The Greener' Knight has been hired on at Magic 92.5.
   Formerly with B-100, 102.9 The Beach, and KyXy 96.5, Gene has landed some prime fill in work at Magic.
   In an exclusive interview with, Gene mentions 'I am very excited to be invited by R Dub!, Program Director at Magic 92.5, to join his incredible staff for fill-in work on the air." Gene continues: "I am really happy to be back on the San Diego airwaves, and hoping to be on the air every day soon." " The response to my return to radio has been overwhelming. Thank you everyone for all the congratulations and well wishes. I am very humbled and feel very blessed."

The website for Magic 92.5 can be found HERE

Thanks for tuning in.

And in this Corner...

By Joe Nelson
   According to Jeff Dotseth, former morning show co-host at The Mighty 1090, Jeff has started the process to become a MMA/Boxing Judge for the state of California.

Best of luck on this new road, Jeff! You can follow him on twitter at @jpdotseth


SanDiegoRadio Out on the Town

By Joe Nelson
   I have been jumping around town this weekend checking out the great radio events going on and having a blast doing so! I feel Summer coming fast! If you have events coming up, please e-mail me and I will do my best to get out there.

 Friday: Bromo with his promotions crew at Cox San Diego
 Saturday: Bob from the Bob and Coe Show at Home Depot - El Cajon
 Van looks GREAT there!
Saturday: Grossmont Center with KyXy and Tommy from Jeff & Jer for


Friday, March 22, 2013

KGB Flashback

By Joe Nelson

   136/KGB was involved in the early 'environmental movement' and produced a show titled "Support Your Local Tree" to engage and educate listeners on how they could individually change their habits to improve the quality of life. This would involve recycling, alternate transportation, and growing their own food. Ironically, the ad in the center was for Nutrament, 'Your drink it to gain weight'.

(Special thanks to David Leonard for this great info!)
You can find his fantastic book "Aircheck- The Story of Top 40 Radio in San Diego" Right HERE

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For Immediate Release

By Joe Nelson

FM 94/9 and Honest Tea SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL Coachella Random Acts
San Diego, CA – Thursday, March 21, 2013 - FM 94/9 has teamed up with Honest Tea to do SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL Coachella Random Acts of Kindness; A series of appearances at various Sprouts locations in San Diego.

A pair of Coachella 2013 wristbands will be given away at each Random Act, along with other concert tickets and prizes.

First appearance will be done Friday, March 29, from 4pm to 6pm at Sprouts in Pacific Beach (1260 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92109)

Go here for the complete schedule

KBZT | FM 94/9 - It's About The Music

For Immediate Release II

By Joe Nelson


San Diego, CA – Monday, March 25, 2013 - FM 94/9 is doing another installment in FM 94/9's Loud @ Lunch FREE concert series; This time, national touring artist, Fitz and The Tantrums will play Typhoon Saloon this Monday (March 25) at NOON!

This is a 21+ show and is limited to only the first 50 people who arrive at the venue. Listeners are encouraged to get there early!

Warning: This show is not acoustic. It will get LOUD!

Check out this video from FM 94/9's Loud @ Lunch series with Twenty One Pilots

For all the details go to

KBZT | FM 94/9 - It's About The Music

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

San Diego Radio Obituary - Doug Oliver

By Joe Nelson
   Longtime TV weatherman Doug Oliver passed away March 15th at the age of 90. Doug worked at the legendary KCBQ in the 50's before turning to TV in 1954.
   His obituary from the UT can be found HERE


It's a boy!

By Joe Nelson
   Congrats to Jack 100.7's Sara Perry. Monday at 9:56PM she gave birth to Evan Austin Perry!! Weighing in at 8lbs 15 oz, and at 22 inches!

Congratulations Sara!

Lenny, where you Bee?

By Joe Nelson
   There is a void in the morning show at Smooth 98.1 today. Lenny Bee is no longer with the station. More details to follow.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Tommy Beats Woman with Stroller

By Joe Nelson
   This past weekend, KyXy's Little Tommy Sablan participated in the 'Hooley's Half-Marathon and 5k Run/Walk' and was spotted lapping a lady with a stroller.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Coe Lewis Needs Positive Vibes

By Joe Nelson
   101.5 KGB's Coe Lewis is on the mend having spent  the weekend in the hospital after saving her dog from an attack by another dog. Please visit her Facebook page to leave her some positive thoughts.


Channel 933 Releases Summer Concert Line Up

By Joe Nelson

   Channel 933 released their 2013 Summer Kick-Off Concert this morning.

 For more information, see the Channel 933 page HERE


Officer Phil 'Takes Off' on a New Job

By Joe Nelson

   I wanted to share the good news that 'Officer Phil' Konstantin has landed a job! Phil (and his pilot Ruben Campos) were relived of their positions January 31 at KGTV TV.

   I will let Phil's Facebook post tell the story:
Good news! I've got a new job.

Starting tomorrow, I go to work for Total Traffic (TT). In a few days, I will be taking over the early morning shift in Chopper 8. Chopper 8 is now doing airborne video (or Electronic News Gathering) for ALL of the major (and most of the minor) TV stations in San Diego. TT is the company which provides this service. While you will be able to see my video on most local stations, you will only be able to hear me on KFMB TV. I'll be working from 4:45am to 11:45am. With KFMB doing traffic every 10 minutes from 4:50 to 6:50, that is going to be a lot of reports. Throw in some breaking news, and I might be on quite a bit.

TT is the inheritor of several other traffic reporting services. There is no more Shadow, Airwatch or Metro. They have all merged or been bought out. Having worked at all three of the previously mentioned companies, this is in all practical sense a rehire. In fact, while I was at KUSI, I really worked for Metro.

So, stay tuned ......... :-)

Phil Konstantin

Congratulations Phil!


By Joe Nelson

FM 94/9 SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL Coachella Weekends
San Diego, CA – Monday, March 18, 2013 - FM 94/9 announced the grand prize winner for the "FM 94/9 MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA CAMPING TRIP" this morning (Monday, March 23) at 8:30am. Amber Aldridge has been named the lucky winner to receive 10 wristbands to Coachella 2013, FREE Camping at Oasis Palm RV Park, $1,000.32 in spending cash, $800 in camping gear, $100 gas card and a brand new iPad!

FM 94/9 also revealed the next phase to their Coachella promotions: "FM 94/9 SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA WEEKENDS". Every weekend between now and Coachella, FM 94/9 listeners can qualify to win a "SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA LUXURY RV CAMPING TRIP" that includes

-4 wristbands to Coachella 2013
-Luxury RV camping provided by Emerald Deserts RV Resort
-Free Apollo RV rental
-$100 gas card
- and a brand new iPad

As a bonus, FM 94/9 is also giving out COACHELLA WRISTBANDS at "Honest Tea Random Acts of Kindness" at various Sprouts locations in San Diego during FM 94/9 SUPER MEGA COLOSSAL COACHELLA WEEKENDS, starting Friday, March 29.

For all the details go to

KBZT - FM 94/9

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Mountain on a Mission

By Joe Nelson

   The ever-growing '107.9 FM The Mountain' in Alpine has really been leaving a huge mark on the FM dial. Since the re-branding of the station at the beginning of 2013 new owners Chris Torrick and David Manzi have assembled a great line-up. Lori Stone, Sam Diego, Rich Singley, Ben Varela, Scott Tuchman and.... a dog named Jack?


   The mountain has even had a few great guests in studio, including Padres' Mark Grant and The English Beat/General Public's lead singer Dave Wakeling.
Mark Grant and Sam Diego
Chris Torrick, Sam Diego and Dave Wakeling

   Today marks the debut of a new show, "The Toaster Brunch" a great mix of Reggae, Ska and Dub Step. 
Check it out now at

Thanks for tuning in to


Friday, March 15, 2013

Veteran San Diego DJ on The Dating Game

By Joe Nelson
   Longtime radio man and current UT TV host Chris Cantore released footage of his appearance on The Dating Game. Footage from 1988. Does he get chosen by this beautiful brunette? And would you get a look at that amazing hair!!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's gonna be OK!

By Joe Nelson
  This is a great article on broadcast radio and how it relates to new cars.

All the credit goes to Fred Jacobs and Jacobs Media

Check out the article HERE


AJ Says 'Thanks for making the switch'

By Joe Nelson

From AJ Machado - ENERGY 103.7

Just a few months ago we were asked to join CBS in building a brand new station for San Diego. We were so excited that all of the dj's would be live and in San Diego (which is sadly rare nowadays), that we'd have a "street team" out being a part of the community (also all too rare) and a staff of people who were dedicated to building something new and awesome FOR and IN San Diego. We asked you to "Make the Switch" and you did! And we want to thank throwing a party. We'll share details on "The Switch Party" tomorrow morning at 8:05!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Craig 'Just Craig' from 91X

By Joe Nelson

   Craig Herdrich, formerly at 91X (imaging, on- air with Russ T Nailz and the late Bryan Jones as well as his on shifts as Craig'Just Craig' and the Anti-Craig) sent me this great nugget. He was just in a movie documentary about the last great days of WWCK, The Greatest Rock and Roll Station in History.
   It's where Craig started in radio in the 80's. The film is called "Flint's Best Rock" and the film just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

HERE is a link from ABC 12, Michigan

Thanks for tuning in

Game On! Live Music and Radio At The Fair

By Joe Nelson
   Today The San Diego County Fair released their Summer Concert Series artists and it just gets better every year!

Check out the great lineup at The Fair's website HERE

   The 2013 run of one of the most popular events all year will be June 8 through July 4 (Closed Mondays June 10, 17, and 24).

   Many radio stations set up at the fair in different areas, so will be on site throughout the summer, if you need anything published, feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Thanks for tuning in!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Chris Cantore & Steven Woods - The Interview

By Joe Nelson
   This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Steven Woods, morning guy at FM 94/9 and longtime radio personality Chris Cantore. They currently do a Podcast together called Cantore + Woods. (Photo was taken at Bootlegger, site of their first live Podcast)

   Woods has been on the air at 94/9 for 4 years now and runs the morning show solo. Cantore has been on KPRI, Star 100.7, and of course 91X in his 16 years on the air.
   Cantore has moved into somewhat of the role of a mentor, helping the likes of Woods, Lauren O'Brien and AJ Machado. He lists getting the 91X as the highlight of his career having grown up north of San Diego, but still being able to pick up 91X on the beach.

   Woods lists getting re-signed to the morning shift and meeting Cantore as the highlights in his career.
   I asked each of them their views on current-day radio. Both say it is absolutely the best medium to communicate, and with the advent of social media, the audience has never been more accessible. Cantore adds radio is a very intimate platform. Also that changes are needed in radio. Changes to bring the listeners closer.
   I asked Woods the differences they see with terrestrial radio vs. iPods, satellite radio, etc. He said the advantages for radio is the money and perks. The disadvantages are radio is censored and podcasts offer little money and limited time.
   When asked about their Podcast, both are very pleased with its reception with the fans and say the downloads have 'way exceeded the expectations'. They say they both love doing the Podcast and giving people what they crave. It is free form and with the same model as radio.
   This live Podcast at Bootlegger was their first, but definitely not their last. They plan to do plenty of remotes and actually are putting the finishing touches on more right now.
   Thanks Chris Cantore and Steven Woods. Best of luck!

Their Podcast can be found HERE
Twitter: @thestevenwoods, @chriscantore & @cantorewoods

These photos were taken following the Podcast as Woods entertained the crowd with his guitar and terrific voice!


Thanks for tuning in to

KyXy LIVE at Disneyland

By Joe Nelson
   KyXy's Kevin Dean sent me this photo as The Afternoon Ride prepares to broadcast LIVE from Disneyland's new Fantasy Faire.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jack gets Jeff

By Joe Nelson

   KFMB's 100.7 Jack FM has hired radio veteran Jeff Jt Stewart to handle afternoon traffic, 'Jacktivities', etc.
   Previously Jeff was heard on KCBQ, KZZP, Channel 933 and Q106. 

Jeff tells "I'm just happy to have parking"

-Joe Nelson