By Joe Nelson
   Well, after I kicked the gremlins out of the machine, I had to start a new website. For me, it was not easy. For you, all you have to do is update your bookmark.

   Other than that one simple thing.... NOTHING WILL CHANGE! You will always get the most up-to-date San Diego Radio information, just as you always have.

  Sad part is, when the gremlins left, they took most all my contacts with them! I ask that you give me a little assistance by spreading this change around. Please e-mail me with your contact info. Fwd it, print it and put it in your kitchens and studios, place them in your family's Easter cards.

Also, you can sign up on the e-mail list just under the black and white photo above

   Seriously, though, thank you for following me over, and I will not let you down.

My new e-mail is My old one was eaten.

The new website is 

   Remember to send me all your needs, press releases, management/on-air changes, promotions, whatever you have, I am here for YOU!

Thanks for tuning in to!
Joe Nelson


Good to see your back up Joe
Hey thanks for following over! -Joe
Unknown said…
Found this new site via a RT on twitter. Did you lose access to all the archive material from
Sadly, yes. BUT... time to move forward! Thanks for following! -Joe

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