Moving Mountains

By Joe Nelson

   KRLY Alpine files a "minor change" with the FCC. The station has been broadcasting on 107.9 since it went on the air nearly 7 years ago. Since then the LPFM has been plagued with signal issues because of KWVE San Clemente. Chris Torrick from the station's ownership team told me " we are in a challenging position because of K-Wave. It's one thing to have interference 7 miles away from our transmitter, but when you're less than a mile and you get drowned out from a a station 100 miles away it's a HUGE problem. 

   The plan was to buy a translator that was in pending status with the FCC to help with the signal issue but the applicant did not return several phone calls and they ended up giving the frequency back to the FCC. That's when we decided to make our move." The move if approved would take KRLY off of 107.9 and move it to 106.9. The closest stations would be KLNV at 106.5 and XHFG at 107.3. Torrick stated that the consulting engineer discovered that some information on the existing licence was incorrect which should allow the station to double it's power output. KRLY is a L-100 LPFM station which is authorized to operate at 100 watts but because their antenna sits at nearly 3000 feet in altitude the station has to lower their power output to 2 watts. The station should know if it has been approved for the change in 30-45 days.

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-Joe Nelson


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