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Thursday, February 28, 2013

San Diego Radio Spotlight - February 2013

By Joe Nelson
   This month's Spotlight is on KOGO's "Sully". Sully just moved into the 12-3 slot today after previously working evenings. Giddy Up!

Spotlight Name:  Sully

Current Station: AM600 KOGO

Shift: 12p-3p M-F

Favorites Parts of Job: Listeners

All Time Favorite Musical Artist(s): Al Green, James Taylor, Bill Withers, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sean Colvin, Allen Stone and of course Sully & ‘Lawdy Lawdy’

Current Favorite Artist(s): Allen Stone

Personal Info: Bob "Sully" Sullivan – leader of “THE COALITION,” was born and raised in San Diego attending Elementary School at Curie in University City, High School at Clairemont High School and Valhalla High School and did the “University Hat Trick” attending UCSD, USD [on a music scholarship] and finally finishing up at SDSU.

He began his radio career in 1994 and in 1998 was heard right here on KOGO [and the former KSDO.]

He is also the creator/host of THE BIG BIZ SHOW, a nationally syndicated radio program that is simulcast on television weekdays via radio on Armed Forces Radio network in 175 countries and all the ships at sea and simulcast on network television in over 44 million broadcast homes daily.

Sully’s and his band, “Lawdy Lawdy,” known for playing well known tunes by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Doobie Brothers, Bill Withers and Steely Dan as well as original music, is of the highest caliber with Grammy Award and Tony Award winners and nominees on Bass, Sax and Keyboards. They are also a Gospel Rock and Blues/Rock tours and plays at churches, Military events and all over Southern California.

Sully has been a newspaper publisher in the San Diego and Los Angeles area in the late 1980’s, then active as an intermediary in the venture community from 1992-2000, Sully assisted more than 200 companies obtain investment capital while raising over $250 million.

In his early career as an Investment Banking Consultant, he was the driving force behind the success of several Investment Banking/Retail Support firms that specialize in providing advise and counsel for publicly traded companies.  While experienced in fulfilling the needs of companies of all sizes, he particularly enjoyed working with smaller, growing public companies.

He began day-trading at the age of 22 and has become one of the premiere on-air personalities nationwide when it comes to picking individual stocks!

He has been described by the experts as “a helluva stock picker!”

Sully has played guitar since the age of 8 and tours with his band year round, bicycles [he recently completed for the second year in a row - 620 miles in 7 days in support of “The Challenged Athletes Foundation”], is an avid volleyball player, surfs all of San Diego since age 11 and is a HUGE fan of his two daughters - the eldest being a Sophomore art student attending a 4-year university currently and his youngest, a multiple “All-League,” “All CIF,” and “Junior Olympics” volleyball player headed for college on a volleyball scholarship.

Favorite Restaurant(s):  Poseidon, Mr. A’s, Fish Market, Il Fornaio, Fidel’s, Tony’s Jacal.

Movie interests: Gladiator, Best in Show, Kingdom of Heaven, The Hangover, Bridesmaids, The Natural.

Hobbies:  Cycling, Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Boxing – touring with the band. []

Favorite Parts of the City:  Cycling up Via Capri on Mt. Soledad, Del Mar 18th St.

Anything else you’d like to share?: If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple "thank you" is all I need. Not all of this 'How did you get into my house?' business...

For Sully's personal pages:

Thanks for participating, Sully!
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-Joe Nelson

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stacy Taylor Sighting in San Diego!

By Joe Nelson
   Long time San Diego talk show host Stacy Taylor made a rare visit to American soil today as he stepped foot in South Mission Beach to spend some time with his kids. Taylor now calls Rosarito, Mexico his home. thought it was worth sharing.

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-Joe Nelson

KOGO Lineup Changes

By Joe Nelson

   Today KOGO AM 600 changed their lineup around, set to start Thursday February 28, 2013. The following is the new daily lineup.

5-9 AM Chip Frankin & LaDona Harvey

9-12 Rush Limbaugh

12-3 Bob 'Sully' Sullivan

3-7 Chris Merrill's 'The Voice of Merrill' (Along with Lynda Martin with news and interjections)

7-10 'Ground Zero' with Clyde Lewis

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-Joe Nelson

Moving Mountains

By Joe Nelson

   KRLY Alpine files a "minor change" with the FCC. The station has been broadcasting on 107.9 since it went on the air nearly 7 years ago. Since then the LPFM has been plagued with signal issues because of KWVE San Clemente. Chris Torrick from the station's ownership team told me " we are in a challenging position because of K-Wave. It's one thing to have interference 7 miles away from our transmitter, but when you're less than a mile and you get drowned out from a a station 100 miles away it's a HUGE problem. 

   The plan was to buy a translator that was in pending status with the FCC to help with the signal issue but the applicant did not return several phone calls and they ended up giving the frequency back to the FCC. That's when we decided to make our move." The move if approved would take KRLY off of 107.9 and move it to 106.9. The closest stations would be KLNV at 106.5 and XHFG at 107.3. Torrick stated that the consulting engineer discovered that some information on the existing licence was incorrect which should allow the station to double it's power output. KRLY is a L-100 LPFM station which is authorized to operate at 100 watts but because their antenna sits at nearly 3000 feet in altitude the station has to lower their power output to 2 watts. The station should know if it has been approved for the change in 30-45 days.

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-Joe Nelson

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


By Joe Nelson
   Well, after I kicked the gremlins out of the machine, I had to start a new website. For me, it was not easy. For you, all you have to do is update your bookmark.

   Other than that one simple thing.... NOTHING WILL CHANGE! You will always get the most up-to-date San Diego Radio information, just as you always have.

  Sad part is, when the gremlins left, they took most all my contacts with them! I ask that you give me a little assistance by spreading this change around. Please e-mail me with your contact info. Fwd it, print it and put it in your kitchens and studios, place them in your family's Easter cards.

Also, you can sign up on the e-mail list just under the black and white photo above

   Seriously, though, thank you for following me over, and I will not let you down.

My new e-mail is My old one was eaten.

The new website is 

   Remember to send me all your needs, press releases, management/on-air changes, promotions, whatever you have, I am here for YOU!

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