Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why So Quiet?

By Joe Nelson

   Some have been messaging me where I went. I thought I'd jump on here and give a quick explanation.


   We all have it, sometimes it's busy, sometimes it's smooth. I have no words for what my 'real job' is right now in terms of the workload. I have worked here 20 years and I have never seen it this busy. We are working 12-14 hour days plus Saturdays. It's been a couple weeks of this so far.

   I am still monitoring everything radio, and you have my word I will get it on here if anything breaks.

   I don't believe I have missed anything big. I know the CBS/Entercom merger last week was HUGE, but before I could blink it was plastered all over social media, so I felt it took care of itself there.

   Have a great rest of the week, and an even better weekend!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jack Vincent 1917 - 2017

By Joe Nelson

  Sad news to report today.

Radio (KCBQ) legend Jack Vincent has passed away at the age of 99.

Jack recently came home to live comfortably after spending some time at the Grossmont Acute Care Center.

Jack was one of a kind, and I am honored to have been his friend.

What a great life this man had, he told many stories while we played pool at Shotgun Tom Kelly's house, I never once beat him in a game.

Condolences to Jack's family and friends.

He was a treasure, that is for sure.

Thanks to Owen 'Wes' Western, here is the Benny goodman clip Jack used to close his shows at KCBQ: Click Here

Here is a video from his birthday a couple years ago at Shotgun's house, courtesy of Terry Frost: Click Here

Friday, January 27, 2017

Brianna Avalos has submitted her resume for your consideration

By Joe Nelson

Brianna LuRee Avalos
2805 Adrian Street | San Diego, CA 92110
619.861.5034 |


San Diego State University                                                                                  San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Arts | Liberal Arts Communication                               August 2015 – December 2016
San Diego Mesa College                                                                                        San Diego, CA
Associate’s Degree | Applied Communication                                       January 2013 – May 2015


Music Submissions Director                                                                               San Diego, CA
KCR College Radio                                                                                        August 2015 - Present
·         Responsible of listening to all music submissions and compiling a FCC approved quality control rotation.  Worked mostly with Google Drive but also with physical submissions.
·         Collaborated and utilized written and verbal communication skills along with the management team to plan and run events, weekly meetings, giveaways, and concerts. 
·         Created and managed meetings for clients while delivering a dynamic presentation ranging perspectives of the station.
·         Managed the station’s blog (e.g. Wordpress) and social medias (e.g. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) by communicating effectively to readers and listeners.
·         Represented the station at various events including the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Convention in New York, New York 2016. 
·         Recipients of the best college station in the nation and best blog in the nation awards.

Morning Show / Promotions Intern                                                                 San Diego, CA
KPRi 102.1 FM                                                                                             May 2013 – June 2014
·         Assisted morning show crew with playlists, San Diego- related news stories and traffic updates, and call center.
·         Aided the promotions department with online activity including blogging and social media, mass emails to listeners, reaching out to winners, and distributing prizes.  Worked mostly with Microsoft Office.
·         Maintained a clean office environment including alphabetizing on-air commercials with outside companies, labeling submissions, and preparing to set up at events.


Student Nutrition Organization, San Diego State University              August 2015 - Present
PSFA Civil Core, San Diego State University                                         August 2015 – Present

Mama’s Kitchen, San Diego, CA                                                              April 2012 – May 2013

Dave Mason has submitted his resume for your consideration

By Joe Nelson

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Resumes Wanted - I Can Help

By Joe Nelson

   In addition to publishing radio and local TV News stories, SanDiegoRadio also likes to help folks find work.

   You may often see the 'Job Postings' on SDR, but I wanted to share another service I can help with. Resumes.

   Even more important today, with the NEWS of Bay City Television signing off, and the losses at the two alternative stations, I am offering this service to you.

   Simply email me your resume, please remove anything you don'w wish to be public, and I will take care of the rest.

   You can send them to

   And for all the good people in this tragic situation, my heart goes out to you. I do hope you can find something real soon.

   Below you can see the most recent job listings.

Bay City Television to Cease Operations

By Joe Nelson

   I will be straight forward with you here. I received this notice much earlier today. I held onto it until now.

   My reasons? With it affecting so many people. Hard working people, I wanted all the staff and their families fully aware and not reading it in a column. While I do strive to get you the information first, in situations such as this I cannot allow myself to potentially hurt anyone. Now that I see it is on social media, I can share it now. Having said that, here are some words from the GM of CW 6 Chuck Dunning:

"Lesslye and I returned from meetings with top corporate management last night. As anticipated, we now have the future direction for Bay City we can share.

I wish I had better news. Our corporate ownership has decided that the Channel Six signal and transmission facilities will be used to re-transmit their Channel Nine network effective 12:01am on May 31st. After 64 years, Bay City Television will cease operations.

As we transition to our closing, we will discontinue News programming at the conclusion of our 10pm show on Friday, March 31st. The majority of positions here will end at that time. There will be a small staff retained between March 31st and May 30th to operate the station. We will be communicating with each of you over the next few days.

There are no words that can express my sadness at having to send this email. Senior management and I worked very hard to offer alternative scenarios in the post CW world but corporate has made their decision.

I had a competitor comment recently that we lasted much longer than people thought we would. The reason for that is you, and others that were here in the post-Fox era. We only lived because of your blood, sweat and tears. You produced 43 hours per week of local news on a shoestring budget, understaffed, and with a challenging infrastructure. The many Emmy Awards you won are testament to your peers acknowledging how good you really are in spite of the challenges.

We lived because we had engineers that could perform miracles with duct tape and paper clips 24/7. We had production staff that believed the show will go no matter what. We had a sales department that continually gained a higher share of revenue than Nielsen said they should. We had dedicated people that gave up their nights and weekends to make sure CW6 was in the community. Everyone coped with aging systems and short staffing that challenged you every day. But the job got done. And done well.

As I reflect back on the last 9 years, I'm reminded of something Dan Fouts (Hall of Fame SAN DIEGO Chargers quarterback) said of the Air Coryell era. "We never lost a game. Sometimes the clock just ran out. "
The same can be said for Bay City.

I sincerely hope for each of you that this setback turns into a new opportunity and leads you to even greater things.

What we do over the next 60 days will say a lot about our character. We didn't quietly fade away after Fox and we shouldn't now. This is our chance to try new things. Experiment. Shout. Make the other stations glad they don't have to compete with us after March. We are not going to close the door gently. We're going to slam it.

My door is open. But, I will also be out and around. Happy to talk, answer questions, reminisce, bitch. Whatever.

We didn't lose. The clock just ran out."

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

John Peake to Los Angeles

By Joe Nelson

AllAccess reporting this morning iHeart San Diego's John Peake is headed to Chargers land. John will be PD of iHeart's KOST & KBIG (Myfm)

Best wishes, John! Great news!!