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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Local Media San Diego to be Acquired by Management of LMSD

By Joe Nelson


(San Diego, CA) Local Media San Diego, LLC (LMSD) announced today that a group led by its Executive Management Team has entered into an agreement to acquire LMSD, including its interests in radio stations 91X (XTRA-FM 91.1), Z90 (XHTZ-FM 90.3), and Magic 92.5 (XHRM-FM 92.5), as well as related operating and real estate assets.

The transaction is expected to be complete as soon as required regulatory and other approvals have been obtained.

LMSD operates out of Sorrento Valley and reaches an estimated 2.1 million people monthly serving the San Diego market. The three radio stations are established, format-defining brands dating back to the 1980’s, and are returning to local owners and operators with decades of radio experience.

The Executive Management Team of Gregg Wolfson – VP/GM, Norm McKee – CFO, and Steve McNeely – Director, will continue operating LMSD in their current capacities post-closing.

In addition to operating the radio stations, LMSD also owns Local Media Digital (a digital advertising solutions provider), and is San Diego’s leading event organizers, hosting such annual lifestyle events as San Diego Taco Fest, X-Fest, Beer-X, Scallywag and Wrex the Halls, among others.

LMSD has been operated by the current Executive Management Team since being acquired by Thoma Bravo in December, 2009. Thoma Bravo subsequently shifted its investment focus to software and technology and has no other media investments.

“LMSD has always operated locally, and the transition to local ownership is the final step to firmly plant our flag as San Diego’s local media provider,” said Wolfson. “Our entire team are experts in San Diego media, and in an industry of corporate ownership and consolidation, LMSD remains in a category of one. We are very excited about the future and growing our local platforms. On behalf of the entire LMSD team I would like to thank Thoma Bravo for being fantastic owners.”

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering

By Joe Nelson

Just like clockwork, Little Tommy's "Breaking and Entering" is back.

Star 94.1's Little Tommy Sablan started a tradition 22 years ago. A way to give to those currently less fortunate.

KUSI was with Tommy, here is the story along with video.

Little Tommy's Breaking and Entering

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

NEW SHOW - Under the Influence With Josh & Rich

By Joe Nelson

Under the Influence w Josh & Rich - KRLY 107.9FM Mountain Country - Thursdays at 7PM

I have had the luxury of listening and reviewing many radio shows over the years. My passion is to keep the radio airwaves open and relevant for everyone, no matter what level of technology that one has available to them. Every so often a new show pops up in my radar that excites me and makes me want to listen to more. 

Recently I found a show on Chris Torrick’s Mountain Country 107.9FM called “Under the Influence with Josh and Rich” as being one of these shows. In addition to informative and educational (is that the same thing?). The show is funny and entertaining (that could be the same thing too). With hosts Josh Board (KOGO radio and Fox 5 TV movie critic) and Rich Singley (Former host of Happy Hour San Diego), the show sets out to remind us of great music artists, both current and past, and what were the key aspects and influences to their rise and ultimate stardom. 
I listened recently to show about the band Queen and not only did they capture the essence of these great rockers from the 70’s, but they also had some stories and background that I never knew before. (For example, one-time Josh was interviewing a Queen band member for a local radio station around the time that rapper Vanilla Ice sampled a piece of “Another one bites the dust” without permission for his song “Ice Ice Baby” and discovered that the Queen band member had just received $1M in his bank account when they cried foul to the Vanilla Ice legal team).

The show, which is broadcasts from the Excalibur Cigar Lounge in San Diego’s Kearny Mesa area, is tagged as “Two Slightly Immature dudes that smoke premium cigars and discuss various music legends and their influences to success” or something like that. The slightly immature part comes out every so often and it actually makes me laugh out loud more times than not, especially when Josh or their on-air engineer, Big Jonathan Gates (KGB DJ and Dusty Futon podcaster) hammer Rich for his awkward attempt at an Elvis Presley impersonation (“Dude they can’t see your upper lip move on radio”) or they bag on Josh about his self-described, “receding” (“Dude, I love you but you are way more like bald”) hairline. Even when they deviate to childish antics, they quickly bring us back to the topic at hand and play popular or more obscure tunes by the artist/band they are highlighting that week (or tunes by other artists that were influences). 

Overall, it’s either a learning experience or a nostalgic one that is fun, easy on the ears and makes you want to light up a cigar and be part of the crew. I actually found myself wanting to hear more Queen songs or whatever band they focused on that week (Pandora should pay these guys a royalty). I can’t wait for more music artists that they bring back to the radio world. You can listen to this show on KRLY 107.9 FM Mountain Country (East County San Diego or via web stream ( every Thursday at 7PM PST. Past shows are on (search Rich Singley,, the show’s producer). Shows like this keep my radio passion alive. Keep up the good work gentlemen …I mean dudes.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson

San Diego (#16)
KPBS-FMNews Talk Info.
KHTS-FMPop CHR6.36.16.6
XHRM-FMRhythmic AC5.55.54.9
KMYI-FMHot AC4.85.14.7
KOGO-AMNews Talk Info.
KGB-FMClassic Rock4.24.64.6
KLNV-FMMexican Regional4.44.24.5
XHTZ-FMPop CHR3.63.43.7
KIOZ-FMActive Rock2.82.83.3
XHTY-FMMexican Regional2.93.03.2
KFMB-FMAdult Hits3.63.72.8
KLQV-FMSpanish Adult Hits3.03.22.7
KLVJ-FMContemp. Christian3.73.02.5
XLTN-FMSpanish Contemp.
XPRS-FMClassic Hits2.52.02.2
KFMB-AMNews Talk Info.
KFI-AMNews Talk Info.
XPRS-AMAll Sports0.91.21.2
XHFG-FMSpanish Contemp.
XOCL-FMSpanish Adult Hits0.70.80.9
KWFN-FMAll Sports0.90.80.7
KYDQ-FMContemp. Christian0.20.20.7
KLSD-AMAll Sports0.80.90.6
XEMO-AMMexican Regional0.20.20.2
XEPE-AMAll Sports0.10.20.2
XHA-FMMexican Regional0.20.20.2
XTRA-FM StrAlternative0.20.30.2
KSON-FM StrCountry**0.1
KWFN-FM StrAll Sports**0.1
KYDO-FMContemp. Christian0.20.20.1
XRCN-AMSpanish News/Talk0.10.10.1

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jagger & Kristi's Christmas Wish

By Joe Nelson


November 29, 2018

Contact: Sheryl Love


San Diego, CA – The season of giving back returns to the airwaves as local radio morning show “Jagger & Kristi in the Morning” announced the return of “Jagger & Kristi’s Christmas Wish.”

Magic 92.5 listeners can nominate a family member or friend to receive a surprise “Christmas Wish” on behalf of the radio station. Letters are submitted at the station website and reviewed by the morning show.

A minimum of 12 “Christmas Wishes” will be granted and shared on-air starting December 6. Every Wish granted is customized to fit the recipients need and vary in nature, from over-due vacations to new cars or home repairs. All recipients are also granted a free holiday tree, family meal and gifts for children.

To help raise funds to grant bigger Wishes, Jagger & Kristi will host a “Wish-A-Thon” broadcast this Saturday from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM at Westfield Plaza Bonita shopping center, presented by Better Off Med Spa. The duo will encourage listeners, businesses and community members to make a donation by visiting the broadcast, calling the studio request line or donating online. All donations go to the non-profit Magic 92.5 Foundation 501(c)(3) and are tax deductible. Magic 92.5 on-air personalities Xavier “X-Man” Soriano, Kelly Cole, Billy Blast, Jay Michaels, and R Dub! will also be present to greet fans and say thank you for the donation in person.

“Christmas Wish is our favorite time of year here at Magic!” said Jagger. “We LOVE teaming up with our Magic listeners to spread the Holiday cheer. It’s fun helping to create little Christmas miracles for families in right here in San Diego.”

Kristi said, “Life has become challenging for people who work hard to raise their families. All it takes is one unexpected crisis, accident or illness to throw a family into a financial struggle to pay rent and feed their families, much less have extra for Christmas. We want to help those families in need make holiday memories together and have a Merry Christmas!”

Magic 92.5 is owned by Local Media San Diego, LLC; a San Diego-based broadcasting company backed by private equity firm, Thoma Bravo, LLC. LMSD also operates Z90.3 (XHTZ-FM) and 91X (XTRA-FM).

Resume Posting

By Joe Nelson

One of the services SanDiegoRadio offers is to assist industry people find their way back in. Here is a resume submitted by Marlo Rhodes, formerly of Entercom.

If you would like your resume posted, or have a job listing for an open position, feel free to email me

Good luck, Marlo!



CELL: (619) 307-1944



(NOVEMBER 2005 – MARCH 2018) Tel: 1-858-571-7600



* Hosted on-air radio informational program broadcast to San Diego County audience of more than 100,000 listeners.

* Interviewed local community leaders, charities, and clients of KYXY 96.5 FM radio station for non-profit organizations to lend awareness of current news and issues of interest to the San Diego community county at large.

* Communications were handled through written, verbal and electronic means.

* Used extensive research methods in preparation for interviews with certain guests of notoriety from the community-at-large. Focused primarily on current points of interest to the public.

* Developed a rapport with radio station guests, clients, and individual sales staff.

* Developed and utilized digital production skills to record, edit, and upload interviews to the central programming system for playback.

* Generated accurate quarterly reports for submission to the corporate attorney’s and executives at corporate headquarters, as well as, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

* Scheduled, prepared, and organized interviewees for specific dates, times and subject content. Followed up to confirm appointments scheduled by phone and emails.

* Worked independently and/or with other levels of management.

* Operated and maintained all sensitive technical studio equipment in good working order. Trained other personnel in the proper use of highly sensitive technical equipment as well.

* Created, edited and oversaw quality control for commercial programming utilizing digital production skills.


(JULY 1997 – SEPTEMBER 2002) TEL: (301) 918-0955


* Produced, recorded and edited show comedy bits, segments and promotional ads by utilizing digital production methods

* Operated and maintained all on-air studio equipment.

* Oversaw detailed aspects of show activities and alerted show host of same.

* Created and implemented new formats ideas and marketing promotions.

* Researched guest backgrounds and profiles for setting up interviews with the show host.

* Participated in frequent on-air conversations with the show host.

* Screen Calls and act as goodwill ambassador for show host.


Office Depot: Accounts Receivable

1995-1997: Location: Savage, Maryland

LAW OFFICES OF CROSBY, HEAFEY, ROACH & MAY: Administrative Assistant

1990-1994: Oakland, California

LAW OFFICES OF ALEXANDER, MILLNER & MCGEE: Office Assistant/Receptionist

1987-1990 Oakland, California

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT: Proficient in social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

EDUCATION: Broadcasting Institute of Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland: February 1997 - November 1997

Laney College, Oakland, California

August 1989 to August 1992, Communication Studies

President, South Bay Social Club Non-Profit Organization

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Resumes Wanted - I Can Help

By Joe Nelson

In addition to publishing radio and local TV News stories, SanDiegoRadio also likes to help folks find work.

You may often see the 'Job Postings' on SDR, but I wanted to share another service I can help with- Resumes.

Simply email me your resume, please remove anything you don't wish to be public, and I will take care of the rest.

You can send them to