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October 2014 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight

ByJoe Nelson   The October 2014 edition of the SanDiegoRadio Spotlight features Dave Rickards!    I had the pleasure of being invited to 100.7 JACK FM's Dave Rickards' home to interview him for this Spotlight Feature. 

   I arrived and was welcomed at the door by Dave and was instantly warned of his ferocious canine, Frankie. After Frankie thoroughly checked me out, I assumed he and I were cool. A very sweet dog! We cut through the house and headed to the back patio and perched ourselves on the couches with the incredible view of the valley to the left and right of us. As the cigar smoke filled the air, Dave patiently answered every question I threw at him, in full detail and great clarity. 

   The talk started out getting to know each other, our personal lives and where life finds us both these days.

   The conversation moved on to former DSC cast member Elaina Dore Smith, how great it is that she went from fill-in work while Shelly was out, to Florida and now co-hosting 'Nas…

Entercom Cuts

By Joe Nelson

   Sad news to report out of Entercom San Diego. Three cuts today from the building.

Dave Mason (Sunny 98.1), Mark Blackwell (KYXY), and engineer Steve Cilurzo were released.

I have been told these are budget related decisions, nothing more.

SanDiegoRadio wishes nothing but the best for these three. Good luck for your futures.

Joe Nelson

Jesse Lozano in the Morning's 1 More Win Golf Tournament WIN

By Joe Nelson

WOW! The 4th Annual 1 More Win golf tournament at The Crossings was a massive WIN this year!!   Jesse Lozano and his charity raised over $18,000 for under served high school athletes in San Diego County. 
Jesse, Delana, and the whole 1 More Win Charity want to say a special thank you to our sponsors Chevy and  San Diego County Credit Union who came through huge for us! Chevy donated $5,000 and sponsored the longest drive holes, we also were happy to have the Traverse & Equinox on display as well.   SDCCU stood out with a $2,000 donation in addition to all kinds of schwag for the players and rolled out their cash cube on the 14th hole! San Diego Aviators were a great partner at the start hooking people up with tickets to their matches. At the end of the  tournament the San Diego Padres provided  tickets to the winners of the longest drive competition. Also want to say thank you to some of our other sponsors  MMC Real estate, Ranch Catering,, R…

I Owe You an Apology

Today I committed my first mistake in the history of SanDiegoRadio. I wrongly reported the passing of radio legend Sam Bass.
When I signed on to take over SDR from Chris Carmichael, my motto was the same as it is now. "Trust/Integrity/Respect". Today I took a big *deserved* ding to that motto. I need to be perfectly clear on this... When I published it, It was confirmed to me THREE times, from reliable sources. That was before I saw ten plus posts on Facebook from people saying that it was confirmed. So that was 13 confirmations I was going off of.
Having said that, the content on SDR is MY responsibility and I accept the fact that I was wrong.
I apologize profusely to Sam's family and friends. It was a horrible mix up. Sam and I have always been close. He has always been wonderful to me and my family. I hope he knows I would never do anything like this in an irresponsible manor.
Please know this will never happen again and your trust in me is still firmly intact.
Thank you f…

Last Story Redacted

I apologize, my contacts were not accurate with the information. I vetted as much as I could. SanDiegoRadio apologizes to Sam's family and friends.

Ben and Woods Back on the Air

By Joe Nelson

Beginning June 10, Steve Woods returns to Entercom San Diego.

Along with Ben Higgins, they will start every morning with 'Ben & Woods' on 97.3 The Fan. 5-9AM

This is a pretty quick bounce-back after The Mighty 1090 was shut down leaving them in late April, and many others out of work.

It appears to be a perfect fit for Woods, who lives, eats and breathes baseball. The Fan is the San Diego Padres radio flagship station.

Woods was with Entercom until January of 2017, when he was on FM 94/9 with Chris Cantore.

Congratulations Steve and Ben, and to The Fan


Coe Lewis - LIVE in El Cajon

By Joe Nelson

Friday Coe Lewis will broadcast her KGB show LIVE from El Cajon's Hacienda Casa Blanca. Coe is on 3-7PM

Hacienda's owner Cynthia Gomez is promoting their Cinco de Mayo weekend, but for reasons other than just tacos and beer. Read a little about what Cinco de Mayo is all about at Hacienda:

Parker David Shaw’s story inspired our team to develop TPFL into a public charity in 2014. Parker was a vivacious and energetic little boy. On April 10, 2013, doctors found a tumor above his kidney on his left adrenal gland. At just 6 years old, Parker was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma* and his cancer had already spread to his bones and marrow. With the financial support of friends, family, and the community, my family was able to find a team of doctors that specialized in his cancer. After a long and heart wrenching battle, and millions of prayers, Parker is thriving today. Our mission is to raise funds for pediatric cancer research, but also to provide the same financi…

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