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Friday, August 18, 2017


By Joe Nelson


(San Diego, Ca) - San Diego radio station MAGIC 92.5 (XHRM-FM) will host the annual "Xavier The X-Man's Cruise for the Cause,” car show this Saturday, August 19th at Qualcomm Stadium from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

The event benefits the Emilio Nares Foundation, a local organization providing free medical transportation for children receiving treatments for cancer.

MAGIC 92.5 will take over the southwest parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium to fill with hundreds of custom and classic cars, trucks, lowrider bicycles, and more. Xavier The X-Man will broadcast live during the event to encourage the San Diego community to stop by to donate blood to the American Red Cross and register for the National Bone Marrow List.

"This is my favorite event of the year, I love helping people and supporting organizations that truly impact the lives of those in need," said Xavier the X-Man, midday DJ host on Magic 92.5. "I’ve turned a passion for cars and community service into a signature event that helps children het to their cancer treatments at Rady Childen’s Hospital."

Enjoy fun for the whole family including a free kid’s zone and live entertainment including a performance by Play-N-Skillz and San Diego’s Frankie J, who perform together on the hit single “Si Una Vez.”

For more information, or to register your vehicle in the car show, visit

Magic 92.5 is owned by Local Media San Diego, LLC; a San Diego-based broadcasting company backed by private equity firm, Thoma Bravo, LLC. LMSD also operates Z90.3 (XHTZ-FM) and 91X (XTRA-FM).

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Latest Ratings

By Joe Nelson
San Diego (#17)
KMYI-FMHot AC4.85.36.0
KOGO-AMNews Talk Info.
KPBS-FMNews Talk Info.
XHRM-FMRhythmic AC5.04.54.8
KHTS-FMPop CHR4.84.24.6
XHTZ-FMPop CHR4.24.14.3
KGB-FMClassic Rock4.03.83.8
KLNV-FMMexican Regional4.04.53.8
KFMB-FMAdult Hits3.33.13.1
KLQV-FMSpanish Adult Hits3.02.83.1
KIOZ-FMActive Rock2.52.72.9
KEGY-FMPop CHR2.42.52.5
XLTN-FMSpanish Contemp.
XPRS-FMClassic Hits3.03.12.5
XHTY-FMMexican Regional1.71.82.1
KFMB-AMNews Talk Info.
XHFG-FMSpanish Contemp.
XPRS-AMAll Sports0.80.90.8
KLSD-AMAll Sports0.60.60.6
XOCL-FMSpanish Adult Hits0.20.30.5
XEMO-AMMexican Regional0.40.30.4
KYXY-FM StrAC**0.2
XHA-FMMexican Regional0.20.20.1

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lineup Changes at KXSN 'Sunny 98.1'

By Joe Nelson

    KXSN announced a lineup change this weekend. Here are the changes.

Mornings: Dave Mason(Temporary until a new morning show is found)

Middays: Brooks O'Brian

Afternoons: Gene Knight

Nights: Dorothy Tran (Temporary until morning show is filled, then Dave Mason takes the mic)

Brooks O'Brian will remain PD
Nick Upton will return full time to digital duties
Dawne Davis will move full time into production work

Who will be named to the new morning show?

Stay tuned

Shotgun Tom's Pool Hall Birthday

By Joe Nelson

   Saturday evening, at his Easy County home, Shotgun Tom Kelly celebrated his birthday in grand fashion. Surrounded by his family and closest friends, the party was a huge success.

   Friends from all over arrived and shared stories, told jokes and no one played pool as it was just too packed. The night was capped off with everyone singing Happy Birthday and cake was served. Also, a second rendition of Happy Birthday was sung by Owen 'Wes' Western in his signature backwards fashion. That's always fun to hear.

   Here are some photos from the celebration. Following the pictures will be the video Chris Carmichael shot.

Thanks Chris Carmichael for this video...

As always thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

AJ and Sara on KyXy Mornings

By Joe Nelson

San Diego, CA, August 1, 2017 -- – San Diego’s heritage Adult Contemporary radio station, KyXy 96.5 welcomes AJ Machado and Sara Perry as co-hosts of the new AJ Mornings morning show on KyXy 96.5 launching on Monday, August 7. The show will run weekdays from 6:00 to 10:00 AM.

“We’re super excited about this new morning show and have been looking forward to making this announcement,” says Chris Patyk, KyXy 96.5 Program Director. “AJ’s been waking up San Diego for 17 years and counting. The addition of Sara – who has logged nearly the same amount of time on the air – will make the new KyXy morning show an exciting and fresh way for our listeners to start their day.”

Machado commented, "KyXy has been playing great music for San Diego listeners for decades and I've been waking up San Diegans for years. It was only a matter of time before we ended up together! I'm looking forward to building something fresh, fun and relatable that the audience can wake up to for years to come!"

AJ Machado previously hosted The AJ Show for the past five years on ENERGY 103.7 – sister station to KyXy 96.5. In 2012, Machado was recognized as “San Diego's Celebrity Philanthropist of the Year" by the SD Philanthropy Society for his work to support Rady Children's Hospital via AJ's Kids Fund. For sixteen years, he has headed efforts to provide toys and other essential items to the hospital's young patients through the AJ’s Kids Crane event each November. KyXy 96.5 looks forward to continuing AJ’s community outreach efforts this holiday season.

Sara Perry adds, “For me this is the ultimate radio dream job trifecta: Mornings with AJ on KyXy! We can't wait to wake up with San Diego and hopefully make the drive to work or busy mornings dropping the kids off at school a little brighter!”

Perry was previously Midday personality on San Diego’s KFM-BFM where she began her radio career as an intern with the station 17 years ago.

About KyXy 96.5
Owned and operated by CBS RADIO, KyXy 96.5 (“Kicksy”) is San Diego’s 39-year heritage station, playing Adult Contemporary music and is available on-air, online at and the app. KyXy 96.5 is the home of Holiday of Miracles Radiothon, which has raised over one million dollars for Rady Children’s Hospital since 2010. A division of CBS Corporation, CBS RADIO owns and operates 117 radio stations in 26 U.S. markets – including all of the top 10 as ranked by Nielsen Audio – as well as an extensive array of digital assets. For more information on CBS RADIO, please visit

Sunday, July 30, 2017

SanDiegoRadio July 2017 Spotlight - The Radio Edition

By Joe Nelson

     The July 2017 SanDiegoRadio Spotlight is here.

This month we feature 91X's Danielle Stuht.

What is your current position?
Producer and on-air personality for Mornings on 91X with Tommy

How are things with you right now? Life, work…..

Things are great! I just moved into a house in Allied Gardens, so my dog Marilyn now has a yard to enjoy with a ton of space. I eat, breathe, live, and bleed 91X. I have so much passion for this station and brand that everything I do benefits the station in some way. I’m also a huge craft beer advocate. I beertend at Groundswell Brewing Company in Santee a couple days a week. The craft beer community is a one that I admired from a far for years and always wanted to be a part of so when the new Groundswell location opened I thought this was a perfect opportunity to become a part of the local craft beer community. Local craft beer and 91X, a local station, go hand-in-hand and I’ve met some of the most amazing people through both industries.

Do you have anything you’d like to talk about? Such as stories from radio?
I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given in radio. Coming from a place like Albuquerque, New Mexico I never would have guessed this is where life would take me. 91X was the first radio station I discovered when I moved to San Diego almost 10 years ago. It blows my mind that I’m a part of such an iconic brand and I’m beyond thankful every day. San Diego has been an amazing place to live and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

San Diego… What is your favorite place to visit?
This is tough, but the local breweries are some of my favorite places to go. Especially if they are dog friendly. Some of my favorites include Fall Brewing, Little Miss Brewery, Green Flash Brewery, and beer bar Hamilton’s in South Park.

Is your job still as exciting like it was day one?
Absolutely. I never know what to expect.

Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?

Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill. Good drinks, tasty steaks that you grill yourself, and awesome tunes. Also, Chris’s Ono Grinds in North Park on 30th Street has the BEST Hawaiian food. When I lived in North Park I had Chris’s Ono Grinds at least once a week.

What are some facts about you that maybe no one knows, but could be interesting?
Looking at me you’d never guess, but I played soccer, competed in beauty pageants, was a Girl Scout, and was a cheerleader when I was younger.

How do you view radio now, compared to the past, then looking to the future?
I’m still relatively new to radio. I’ve been in the industry 2 ½ years and on-air for almost 2 years so I don’t really know how radio used to be. I do think that in an age where anyone can get anything they want instantly radio needs to do its best not to offend the listener. The listener has certain expectations and when a station doesn’t reach those expectations, the listener has so many other options they don’t need to stick around if they don’t want to. However, I don’t believe radio will ever go away. Technology fails. Blackouts happen. Radio waves will always be there.

How vital is the connection between an on-air personality and the listener?
I think this is huge. I do my best to answer every e-mail and respond to every comment left on social media. Those personal connections are important. I remember idolizing DJ’s when I was a kid. I never think of myself as anything special, but it’s the best feeling when I meet a listener and they say how much they enjoy listening to Tommy and I. It makes the 3:00am wakeup call worth it… sometimes. Just kidding. But the connection is huge and I love how easy social media makes it to keep connected.

What is your favorite movie?
So many favorites: Anchor Man, I Love You Man, Pinapple Express, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Knocked Up, basically anything Judd Apatow.

With Social Media being so prevalent, tell me the advantages of using FB, Instagram, Twitter to connect with your listeners
Like I said before, I love being able to converse with listeners on social media. I do my best to respond to everyone who posts on 91X’s Facebook or Twitter during our on-air slot. I also like to personalize it so the listener knows it’s me answering, not some random person from our digital department (even though they are very witty, awesome people). I also think it’s cool that social media gives a face to the voice. I always wondered what the DJs looked like and now it’s super simple.

What is your favorite radio moment?
I’ve had SO MANY awesome radio moments so far from riding in a helicopter with winners out to Coachella to interviewing Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, a guy I’ve idolized since I was a teenager, to giving tickets to a winner who is so stoked to see their favorite band they start crying. All these moments have been memorable but selfishly, my favorite has to be when I was on Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw and Dave gave me $1,000 during the Christmas show. I was shocked. Ugly cry and everything.

How long have you been in radio?I started by have a show called Local Bands Unleashed at San Diego State University’s KCR in Fall 2014. I then was a promotions intern Spring 2015 at KFMB for 100.7 JACK FM and AM760. I promised my instructor I would get “a real internship” (her words, not mine) the following fall if she let me do it. Then I got hired as a part time promotions assistant that summer and went on to full time promotions coordinator at KFMB at the end of August. It was around this time that the then PD, Mike O’Reilly, approached me asking if I would like to sit in for Emily on The DSC while she was on maternity leave. I then came to 91X March 2016 after Emily came back.

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever had?I had always worked in the service industry prior to working in radio. I worked at Hard Rock CafĂ© in Gaslamp for 6 years. But my most interesting job would have to be at Disney World when I was 19. I did the “Disney College Program” where you go live in Orlando on Disney property and work somewhere. I worked at one of the nicest resorts in the gift shop. I saw some interesting stuff there...

What broadcasters do you look up to?Not everyone is lucky enough to learn from the best in the business. I 100% look up to Dave Rickards and everything he has accomplished. He is amazing at what he does and has a great work ethic. I also look up to Shelly Dunn. She taught me a lot about being a female in this industry and how to make sure I work to get what I want. Garret Michaels has been a great mentor and I’m constantly learning how to be a better producer and on-air personality from him.

If you could go back in time and work during any era of radio for a few days - which would you choose?
Late 80’s/early 90’s. I hear the WILDEST stories from this time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?I would like to thank everyone who listens to 91X in the morning and has welcomed myself and Tommy on their morning commute. There are a lot of options in the morning with a lot of great shows that have been around for a long time and I am beyond stoked to be given the opportunity to be a part of your day.

Danielle, thanks for your time!


How Ken Kramer, Dave Rickards, and YOU Saved SanDiegoRadio

By Joe Nelson

   The best way I think I can begin this story is with an analogy. I just love analogies. Since I enjoy food so much, I will go that direction. I think we at some point in our lives have enjoyed a particular restaurant and were frequent patrons of said restaurant. Maybe it was the consistent food quality, the familiar folks working there.  Maybe even just the convenience of knowing you could go somewhere and receive the same results every time.

   One day you go there and there is a sign on the door stating they are gone. Out of business. I think you know where I am going with this.

   On July 14, after months of some much needed family time, deep thinking about the column and studying the numbers of SanDiegoRadio, I announced I was shutting it down.

   Everything I stated that day were 100% true. I must find time for my pops, while I still can. Back to that in a minute. One thing I had not mentioned was how I was checking the readership numbers and had seen a decline. Now, with any site, you have to factor in 'bots'. So it was difficult to truly gauge the traffic to SDR. Well, I found one way to gauge it. All by accident. How? By shutting it down.

   Not five minutes after I ran that article, I was deluged by an overwhelming show of support from my media friends. I even received emails from people I had never even heard from before. I was stunned. I had no idea how far reaching it was. I don't say this to draw praise on SDR. I am happy it is doing as intended, I am simply just beyond thrilled it IS in fact doing the job. To inform. I run it as fact driven, never opinions. That won't change.

   I was completely wrong to think that SDR had lost steam. In fact I have learned to not trust or even look at the analytics anymore and just remember these messages. SDR had plenty of steam and I needed to continue with my passion of writing for San Diego radio stations. Basically, I felt like I pulled the carpet out from under the radio people and fans of San Diego.

   I am already making changes to make it all a little easier and most importantly make time to see my pops. Which I already have.

   I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all who reached out to me. Thank you for helping me to see what I was unable to see from the inside.

   There are two friends who took a significant portion of their time to help me get my sights straight again. Dave Rickards and Ken Kramer. Dave & Ken, the respect I already had for you was through the roof, and what you did for me, and SDR is certainly something I will never forget and will keep me focused from here on forward. Thank you! will live on and it is thanks to you and your support that makes that possible.

Your 'restaurant' is still open!

As always- Thanks for Tuning in,
Joe Nelson